Google Play Store 7.2.13

Play Store 7.2.13 is the new version of the company and is now available for download. Some of these updates bring important and relevant news, but most are usually designed to fix bugs and glitches. However, we will make some clarifications on the nature of this new application. Join us to discover the fascinating digital universe.

Logo Play Store

As we all know, Google Play Store is probably the most important app we found on Android operating systems, so if you have a device with Android you should be aware of updating it regularly to enjoy all the advantages.

The store is the center that gives us access to other apps for its devices, and from there, we can download other apps and games and install them easily. It also allows us to monitor the updates that appear from such apps and games.

But, while we normally agree to update all these apps, the truth is that we do not tend to give so much importance to updating the store itself. As we have said, it is vital to do so in order to get the most out of it.

Therefore, Google Play Store works properly, safely and effectively. So, on this occasion, it has released one of these latest updates this week and it is PlayStore 7.2.13.

PlayStores 7.2.13 brings bugs and glitches fixes

In this case, we do not find radical changes in the store itself. But bugs have generally been fixed. Most likely, once the update is installed, the store will run much better. If we want to install the update as soon as possible, we do not have to wait and you can do it manually with the APK file.

Google Play Store for Android

Something important to keep in mind when installing the application of Google Play or Market in our smartphone is that not all devices are compatible with each other, this depends on the version of Android that we have installed on our phone or tablet.

  • Android Market: This is the first version of the Android application store, which is only available for mobile phones with Android version 2.2 or lower, so, if you have this version installed you will not be able to upgrade to Google Play.
  • Google Play: This is compatible with the version of Android 2.3.

Google Play APK Store

As we mentioned before, the latest update of the Google store was  PlayStore 7.2.13.J-all [0] [PR] 138561921, adding new features and a user interface called Material Design which is available in the latest versions of Android ( Lollipop, Marshmallow, Nougat), and the update corrected many problems with the Play Store.

For Android versions that do not have Google Play or Market installed on their tablet or smartphone devices, you can easily download all Google services; the only requirement is that they have a web browser installed on their mobile. Otherwise, we recommend performing the process from a computer and then connect the cell via USB to pass all downloaded files.

Steps to Download Last Version Play Store APK

  1. To update the official Google store, the first step is to access the APK website from your browser on your computer, but you can also do so directly from your device directly.
  2. Once you access it, on the right side you will see a tab where it says “Search”; Type in the search box “Play Store” and press Enter to start the search of the files.
  3. You will automatically see all versions of the Play Store that are available. The aim is to download the latest version, so you must click on the first option. In this case, Google PlayStore 7.2.13.J-all [0] [PR] is the latest version of Play Store.
  4. To start the download, simply click on the “Download” button. This will begin downloading the Play Store APK file directly to your computer or smartphone.
  5. If you don’t have downloaded the file directly from your smartphone, you can download it to your computer and then, you will have two options to transfer it to your Smartphone. The first one, if your PC or Mac has a Bluetooth connection. The second is to do it through the USB connection or an SD card.

We remind you that PlayStores 7.2.13 is available for version 4 of the Android operating system and other more recent versions.

Click here to download the apk