Facebook Lite (52) APK Latest Version Download

Facebook Lite, one of the essential apps to have on your phone, comes with some very interesting features that will definitely enrich your experience as Facebook user.

In general, Facebook apps allow you to keep in touch with friends by checking out each other’s profiles, sending messages, photos and sharing news; as you can see this is a whole experience that has revolutionized the social media.

Every time any of the afore-mentioned thing happens you will get a notification to let you know.

This particular version is extremely efficient and “light”! It is less than 1 MB! This said, any phone is capable of handling such an app. The fact that it takes up so little space in storage allows it to load very fast and execute commands without freezing, lagging, or breaking down.

Thanks to its very good programming, the app is really efficient at handling data packages, which enhances its data transfer tremendously (this is the same characteristic we have seen for WhatsApp). This is why the app works so well in 2G networks and other areas where connectivity is so limited.