Facebook Pages Manager

Facebook Pages Manager is the oficial app developed by Facebook that allows you to administer your Fan Pages from your mobile devices. Since several versions ago, the functionality of the Pages was completely transferred to this App and now is a most for all you social media mangers. Face Pages Manager allows you to make almost the same tasks you can do from the web page version: upload photos, comment as the page, read and reply messages addressed to your fanpage, check the statistics of your page and further more.

What’s new?

– Bug fixes. It’s expected to be a more stable version.

– Further details haven’t been mentioned.

This is a minor update and may not be required to get it immediately. Anyway, if you are interested in getting it you may do it by downloading the APK of Facebook Pages and manually installing it. Your Android device should still get this automatically update or simply update in one of the later versions.

You can also subscribe for the beta testing and get upgrades before everyone else.

Yelp 8.0.0 APK

The newest stable version of the “Road guide” app Yelp was released on the 13th of December. This is one of the largest updates the App has gotten in the previous months and you cannot miss it!  Whether you travel often, or want to discover new things in your city, Yelp is a must go. With this App you are able to discover shops and business: restaurant, service stores, book shops and much more. Yelp is a community based recommender system, so it’s based on what other people around you have found interesting. You can also become part of this great community and make your personal suggestions, do you know a secret place in your city everyone should get to know? Share it!

What’s New?

– Minor changes in the profile pages and business pages.

– Two new default feeds: Trending Business and Weekly Yelp, new ways to discover places.

– Easier system for booking or reserving through the App.

This is a major update, so we recommend you to update as soon as you can, you can do this via forcing updates at your Android Device, or by downloading the official APK and transferring it to your device

Yelp 8.1.0 BETA

The newest version of Yelp, namely 8.1.0 is already available under a beta version. This update was released on the 13th of December 2015. This is a beta version, which means is not guaranteed to function properly. If you are a big fan of Yelp, you may interested in downloading this test version and be one of the first to test the new features, and of course, try to also provide feedback to help the developers of Yelp provide a better service.

Yelp is one of the most popular Apps that work as street guides, it allows you discover local business, shops, and much more going around your place. The community grows to the cooperation of everyone, and you can also help by providing feedback about the locals close to the place where you are. Like a restaurant? Let everyone know about it!

What’s new?

– Business Display. There profile pages have been revamped.

– New Feed items.

– Faster booking system.

-Other functions related to the beta testing.

As with any Beta Version, normally you won’t receive the update through Google Update and instead you will have to manually install it. You can do this by downloading the APK for Yelp 8.1.0 Beta and transferring it to your device, the rest of the installation is quite intuitive.

Inbox 1.15 (107643877) APK Download

Inbox is an app for Gmail that helps you manage and schedule your email account. Basically, Inbox is designed to make emailing easier and more efficient. Inbox is an organizating solution that comes with several unique features made by the experts at Google. It is divided into sections to keep your stuff organized, including a “Highlights” section that will show you your most important emails, “Bundles” in case you have many messages talking about the same topic, and a useful “Snooze” feature to deal with new messages later. You can download the latest version of the Inbox 1.15 APK file right here using this APK download link:

Facebook (8742515) APK Download

The number one social media app in the world, Facebook, has just released the latest version of its Facebook for Android app, bringing us to Facebook APK. As you know, Facebook helps you stay connected to your friends, family and other contacts, letting you post statuses about what’s on your mind, share photos, and see what others are sharing too. This specific Facebook update isn’t super exciting, but does have some important tweaks that improve the speed and reliability of the app, so it’s certainly worth the 30 seconds it takes to download the update. You can download Facebook APK here:

Messenger (8938786) APK Download

We have a new Messenger update (aka Facebook Messenger) for you Android users today. As you are probably already aware, Facebook for Android really wants you to use Messenger for sending instant messages to your friends as opposed to using the messages tab in the Facebook app. The interface of Messenger is specially designed for small screens on mobile devices. This is an app that is always being updated and improved, so we recommend staying up to date and downloading the latest version available for your version of Android OS. You can download the new Messenger APK file using our download link here:

FB Messenger (9316100) APK Download

FB Messenger (short for Facebook Messenger, of course) has just rolled out a new update to their Android mobile app, bringing us to FB Messenger This is the app that you use to send Facebook instant messages, and the nice thing about it is it can run in the background, so you can keep your conversations going and smoothly alternate between Messenger and other apps. This new version comes with some important updates to improve app performance and fix some bugs. As always, we recommend having the latest version possible on your device at all times. You can get the latest version of FB Messenger APK file here:

FB Messenger (9508246) APK Download

FB Messenger, the instant messaging app that works with your Facebook for Android app, has released the latest version of their APK. As of April 30, 2015, the latest version is Messenger, which you can download at the bottom of this post. FB Messenger keeps you connected to all of your Facebook friends when you’re out and about, keeping your messages organized in an app that’s designed to be readable and intuitive on your Android smartphone or tablet. To download the FB Messenger APK file from APKDroid, first make sure your device will allow the installation by going to your security settings and selecting “unknown sources”.

Facebook (9018335) (Android 4.0+) APK Download

You already know you can’t live without Facebook, and it’s even better when you can carry it with you on your Android smartphone or tablet wherever you go. If your device has OS 4.0 or higher, a new and updated Facebook APK is available for you to download right now. You can download the latest version of Facebook for Android using the link at the bottom of this post. This is another one of those updates that doesn’t really seem like it changes anything, but there are some changes behind the scenes that will improve the app’s performance and give you a better Facebook mobile experience.

Messenger (Android 4.0+) (9792013) APK Download

The Facebook developers are keeping us on our toes with a new version of the Messenger APK file for devices running Android OS 4.0 and up (i.e. Android Ice Cream Sandwich and higher), released on May 2. You can download this latest version, Messenger APK file, right here using the link at the bottom of the page. This official app syncs with your Facebook account on mobile and PC to bring you your messages in an app that makes them easy to read and manage while you do other things on your device. You can essentially do anything on the Messenger app that you could do if you were messaging on Facebook PC.