Fleksy 8.0.0

Fleksy is one of the most popular Keyboard Apps for Android, with it you will be able to type faster and without even needing to look at the screen. The Developers of Fleksy always keep an eye on the user experience and constantly improve their App to offer the best experience. In addition, Fleksy allows you to personalize your keyboard to provide a better experience. Most important aspects include:

-Swype typing.

-Personalized colors.

-Smart text prediction.

-Hundreds of emojis.

-Personalized tray space.

-Different layouts. Supports QWERTY, AZERTY, QWERTZ, Colemak and Fleksy key layouts.

-Swype actions (erase, correct, etc…)

-Type and Play minigame (compete with your friends to see who’s the fastest typer).

-Cloud service (Keep your settings synchronized through all your devices, including iOS).

-Full privacy. Fleksy will never collect any data of how you use their App.

-Extensive language support. More than 25 languages, and the support keeps growing day by day.

What’s new?

– Improved battery consumption. Save the power battery for what really is important!

– User Interfase transitions that make the Emoji, GIF and Sticker transitions more fluid.

– Several bugs that caused the App to crash have been corrected.


Kodi 16.0-RC2 (arm)

Previously called XBMX Media Center, this award-winning, free app has come to provide users with an awesome experience. This software is an excellent multi-platform media player for digital media or HTCPs (Home Theatre Pcs). Its interface resembles what would be the classic living-room Home theatre, using a remote control as its main device. As you will see its interface, with amazing graphic quality, will allow you to watch photos, videos, of all kind, podcasts, music in all its different formats, all from a hard-drive, local network, internet or CD/ DVD.

One of the best things about the application is that it not only works on PCs, but can also work on tablets and Smartphones, above all. So, not only can you watch your favorite stuff at home but anywhere you go. However, Kodi is not recommended for small phones due to its system requirements.

Kodi will only take up 59 MB in your system, which makes it a perfect software for any device that works on devices that don’t have extensive memory.

Bottom line, if you want a great cinematic or just media-related experience, choose Kodi.

HTC Tasks 7.23.708488

How many of us hate using tedious planners but at the same time need to keep a very organized schedule? Well, if you are one of them, you do not have to worry anymore. HTC is one of the most convenient and easy-to-use cellphone planners you will ever find on the net.

So, in order to have all your duties up in an organized way, you just need to sync the app with Microsoft Exchange Activesync and Google.That way you will have a reliable record of your planner not only on your phone but also in the cloud. This could come in extremely handy if by any chance you did not have your cell phone or you, or you lost it and might need to buy a new one, in which case you can restore your planner’s records from the cloud, and download them on to the new phone.

With HTC Tasks you can also sync tasks from other accounts for easier access. This software has version for different platforms, and depending on which it’s being installed, it will vary in terms of storage size.

Firefox Beta 45.0 (arm)

Firefox (among other good web-browsers) , has been one of the most efficient applications at the time of surfing the net, getting you to the webpage you need as fast as possible, avoiding software failure due to critical errors, and keeping your safe from malware.

Today we bring you the 45.0 Beta version (Released just two days ago!), which has added some new features and changes to the web-browser. First, they will now have the option to choose which kind of images get stored in the hard-drive while they surf the net, in order to save disk-space. Second, they have added a family-friendly browsing toggle that disables webcam and microphone sharing (especially in case of users who have children)

Among the fixes, the main one here is how URLs containing a Unicode-format international domain name are now properly redirected by the browser.

You will finally see that the “Settings” section has been re-organized under “Menu”, providing a more efficient access.

Although, nowadays, there are a number of good browsers, it is always ok to try Firefox at least once.The version just released is for PC and/or tablets.

DI Radio

Today we bring Di Radio, one of the best Internet radios for the techno music lovers, which offers you more than 90 stations with different kinds of techno music, which you might not be able to find elsewhere.

All the different stations offer music selected by techno music enthusiasts all around the world who have extensive knowledge on the subject. Among specific techno styles there are: Trance, house, EDM, Lounge, dance, Chillout, among other good stations.

You will notice a modified interface in this version, which will make it easier to find good, new music. Among the different music search options, the best you can do is search by style. Or you could even listen to live shows or radios as well. After that, you can bookmark the ones you found most interesting.

Some two last interesting features are, first, the fact that you can share what you are listening to on social media, and, secondly, you also have a data transmission tool which will keep you informed on how much data you’ve spent, in case you are using your cell phone data.

Ingress 1.92.1

Welcome to Ingress, one of the most intriguing new generation games. Ingress is an astonishing game that caught attention of gamers in 2015 by introducing a new concept: incorporating the real world into the game play by using GeoLocation. The universe where the Game is developed is the world itself, and the community of Ingress must work together to achieve the goal.

The plot of Ingress is intriguing and in constant development. It all starts with the a mysterious research carries don in Europe where a new source of energy has been discovered. Scientists don’t know the origin of this energy, but suspect it may be influencing the way we think and take decisions. Such a mystic power may have a great impact in the society and two bands have formed: “The Enlightened” who seek to embrace the power and bestow it upon us, and “The Resistance” who seek to defend us while there’s still time.

Ingress is a game in constant development and it’s story is being developed as each team manages to achieve certain goals. Join now into this highly interactive game and fight for the future of humanity.

What’s new?

New minor game features.

– Improved ADA’s Logic-Deduction Module.

– Recently Discovered NIA Capsule.

This App is constantly updated aiming to provide and further develop the game.

SHIELD Hub 4.8.20360655

SHIELD Hub is the official App from NVIDIA for getting high quality content in your NVIDIA Shield Devices. This App is exclusive for: Shield Android Tv, Shield Tablet and Shield Portable. Nvidia Users can enjoy tons of entertainment and games through this fantastic App. Shield Hub Allows you to play and buy the newest releases of the Game industry, and it will also allow you to play them from your other devices (like a common pool of shared Apps).

Note: Shield Hub service is region restricted. Currently is only available for North America, Western Europe and Asia Pacific.

What kind of games are included you may be asking. Great releases such as Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, Hotline Miami 2, Octodad, Grim Fandango, and much more. There are hundreds of games of genres (action, adventure, family, strategy, etc… ) and for all ages.

What’s new?

– Bug Fixes.

This App gets constant minor updates, most of them related to small details, bug fixes, and eventually adding more content. In general you should be getting all the updates automatically.

Light Flow Lite – LED Control 3.61.09

Light Flow Lite is an amazing app to personalize the notifications from your Android Device. With this App you will have access to a great amount of features to control the LED, Sounds and vibration of your device. Then you will be able to choose the best combination you want to get notifications, for example, vibration for SMS, and a LED cycle for a missed call. The combinations are as detailed as you would like.

Some remarkable features:

– Control the vibration, sounds and lights of your screen.

– Specific notifications for contacts.

– In case of multiple color LEDs, you can create personalized color sequences.

– Specific notifications for each type of event, including: SMS messages, MMS Messages, Email, Gmail Emails, Calendar notifications, missed calls, running out of battery, Gtalk / Hangout messages, and much more.

Note: This App is fantastic as it works in non-rooted phones. Also, certain App notifications may not be able to be configured, but overall this app gives a great experience. For furthe details of the limtiations, we invite you to take a look on the App Specification Site.

What’s new?

We hgihly recommend keeping this App updated as it constantly extends it’s compatibility witb other Apps. Latest version changes include:

– Support for 30 new Apps.

– Bug Fixes.

Plus Messenger

Plus Messenger is one of the most popular messaging Apps out there. This App uses the Telegram API to provide and enhanced experience. If you are already using Telegram, we highly recommend you to go and try Plus Messenger, and if you are not, go directly and start enjoying it. What’s so special about Plus Messenger? Well, plenty of feature including:

– Personalized theme. Plus Messenger comes with dozens of features that allows personalizing your theme in every single detail: 2000 different themes which are constantly updated, possibility of changing color of the font, size, personalized emoji size etc… Create your own full experience with Plus Messenger!

– Personalized chats. One of the most attractive features is the possibility of personalizing each conversation with different background images, a specific font, color, etc…

– Conversation features. Create group conversations, name then, share files, and much more. Options to show or hide your profile picture in the conversation bubble.

What’s new?

We highly recommend this update which includes several changes:

– New “Plus Menu” with additional features.

– Share button in the chats (it can also be hidden).

– Direct share (The option to quote still remains).

– Date indicator.

– Bug fixes.

RunKeeper 6.1.1

Are you a runner? Do you need a good app tailored to your needs? Well, Runkeeper 6.1.1 is the one you are looking for. Starting by the basics, Runkeeper will track the distances you run through its GPS system, so that you will also be able where and which route you did during your training. This software will also provide you with important statistics, such as km per hour as well as calories (and of course the total ok km run).

Runkeeper even features different kinds of trainings you can set to have personalized work-out sessions tailored to your needs.

One very interesting characteristic of this app is its network tools that allow you to take pictures while running and sharing with your friends, or sharing your results among your friends on RunKeeper or even other social networks such as Facebook. This said, you can also follow the progress of all your friends on RunKeeper.

If you want to go back to check on your progress, this software will show you all your running history, and in case you are slacking off it will send you scheduled (or not) reminders that it’s time to go out and hit the road!