SwiftKey Beta (arm)

SwiftKey is one of the best keyboard enhancers available for Android Devices. For those big fans or enthusiasts from the App, the Beta version could be something worth trying. As the name suggests, this app gives us access to all the test versions released, this way we will always be the first ones to get access in the newest features. This Apps is constant development and will release the new features before they get into the SwiftKey App. Up to now some of it’s unique features include:

– Double Word Prediction. Now you will be able to type faster than ever with this simple feature that will learn to connect words in couples.

– Settings menu revamped. A new settings menu which we expect provides a better experience and allows you to fine tune your settings.

– Carbon Light. A new theme for the SwiftKey appearance.

As this is a Beta Version, you are more than encouraged to provide feedback to the developers. Help them develop a better app by sending them your feelings about these features.

What’s new?

In comparisson to previous versions of SwiftKey Beta, the version (arm) has a couple of changes:

– Number row is displayed in the password field.

– The app will join to Microsoft.

–  Several error corrections of display, bug fix that prevented the app from starting at first time in Android 4.4 and the Q/1 key won’t be blocked anymore in the password fields.

PlayMemories Mobile 5.5.0

This is the official App developed by Sony for several of it’s digital cameras. Update now via PlayStore or by using the Apk of PlayMemories. With this app we can use our Sony camera in more convenient ways, such as:

– Send photos and videos from your camera to your smartphone. As soon as you take a photo, this will be send to your phone, and then you can immediately share it, or store it in your favorite SNS or web service (f.e. Google Drive or Dropbox).

– Remote Shooting. Now you can use your smartphone as a trigger / shutter of your camera. No need to carry anymore an IR sensor or use the timing function for those group pictures. We can even see the frame of our photo from the display of our mobile.

– Remotely change the settings of your photo*. Change the focus mode or the capture mode remotely (night mode, macro mode, etc…). This function is only available on certain cameras.

Several other functions are available depending the camera you have (PlayMemories, Action Cam, Lens-Style Camera).

Note: This App only works with certain Sony Cameras, consult the specifications to know if your device is compatible.

 What’s new?

PlayMemories 5.5.0 comes with few changes:

– HDR-AS50 support.

– Better operation stability.

– Action Cam functions added.

Textra 3.13

Textra is one of the best apps to customize and refresh your typical SMS application. With Textra you will be able to personalize your SMS App in each single detail, notably, more than hundred themes, bubbles, app colors and designs; these come in all sorts of combinations and with dark and light modes. It also allows you to enhance the functionality of Textra with functions such as:

– Personalization of the app, and also of each conversations. The appearance of each conversation can be unique.

– Scheduled messages (SMS and MMS).

– Fast deleting with sliding.

– Quick Snap Camera.

– Multi selection of images to send.

– Memos via voice.

– Blocking of SMS via blacklisting.

– Dozens of other features.

– More than 1.600 Emojis.

Install now and start enjoying of the number one App for SMS in Android,

What’s new?

Textra 3.13 comes with several new functions and we highly recommend you to get it as soon as possible. Among the most important aspects:

Increased the amount of emojis, and also increased the support for KitKat and Lollipop Devices.

– Skin tone diversity in the emojis.

– Several Bug fixes.

Fandango 6.3

Fandango movies is the official App for Android Devices provided by Fandango, the largest on-line cinema tickets provider. With this App you will be able to buy your tickets in just a matter of seconds, forget about standing in the queues for hours, or for those occasions in which you are already running late to the cinema. Also, you purchases with Fandango generate points which later can bring you rewards.

Simply select your ZIP Code, choose the closes cinema and then choose the movie you want to see. The rest will be sorted out by Fandango. Some features include:

– Check reviews of the movies before you buy your tickets.

– Check out high quality trailers.

– Extensive browser and search options, filter recommendations according to genre, location, schedule, etc…

– Mobile scan. Forget about printing the tickets, just scan the codes from your mobile (available only in certain locations).

– Share in your social networks, add a review and let your friends in Facebook, Twitter and Google+ how you found the movie.

What’s new?

Version 6.3 is a minor update mostly about performance, the main changes include:

– Correction of glitches which were causing the app to crash.

SD Maid 4.0.5 Beta Patched APK Download

For all you Android users who love to be the first to know about everything, you’ll get a kick out of beta testing SD Maid’s latest APK release. SD Maid is a great app still being developed designed to clean up all the unnecessary junk hanging around on your Android device, freeing up your limited memory and speeding things up significantly. SD Maid also works as a file manager, letting you browse through all the files on your device, search directly for a file if you know what you’re looking for, or use the “Corpse Finder” feature which will find orphan files that don’t belong anywhere, so you can keep everything nice and tidy!

What’s new with SD Maid 4.0.5 APK?

This latest version is a patch of SD Maid v. 4.0 beta, which of course is not available in the Play Store. SD Maid 4.0.5 calls this release another step towards a stable release, after fixing several behavior and crashing issues. This new patch also includes performance improvements and a new unlocker update. Remember, beta apps are still working out the bugs, but as a beta tester, you can provide useful feedback and shape the future of the app.

Remember The Milk 4.0.17

Remember the milk, or anything else you may need to do. Remember the milk is an ideal App for people that always busy, or want to keep everything properly in order.  With this app your phone will become the most useful agenda you will ever find, some key features include:

– Organize reminders of events, things to do, and much more.

– Get notifications via email, text message, IM service, Twitter. This way there won’t be a way you forget to do something.

– Share and organize with others. You can share your task list, create groups and also assigns tasks to others. This exands the possibilities of Remember The Milk into a team-task scheduler.

– Synchronize it with all your other devices.

– Easy browse by priority, due date, tags and also via Smart Lists.

– Compatibility with Google Calendar, Twitter, Evernote, and much more.

Greenify 2.8.1

Do you miss the performance of your Android device when you just bought it? Are you tired of running out of battery often? Greenify is the App you must be looking for. The developers of Greenify strongly believe that your phone should always be as fast as new, no matter how many apps you install, and that your battery get’s drain out by Apps which enter into lagging cycles. Greenify tackles both problems by forcing hibernation of apps which you are not using, this way they won’t user RAM of your phone, and you will save up the energy of your battery for what really is important.

Some key features of Greenify include:

– Hiernation of Apps. Do this in a personalized way, and change between apps in a smooth way. You won’t loose any functionality while the app is hibernated. Note: Do not Greenify Apps that need to work in the foreground such as instant messaging or alarms.

– Smart source administration. Greenify doesn’t force closing of apps like other “source saving Apps”, also, going back to a foreground App is almost instantaneously not like apps that “freeze” foreground processes.

What’s new?

– Bug fixes and crash fixes.

– Two experimental features: Aggressive Doze (No root required), and Shallow Hibernation (Roor required).

– Seamless auto hibernation.

– Several other improvements that overall should make the app work smoother.

DigiCal 1.7.0a, New Beta APK Download

DigiCal has been rated one of the top 12 Calendar apps for Android devices, with a superb combination of functionality and stylishness. This digital calendar from Digibites is highly flexible and customizable, with an attractive UI that will make you want to use it all day, every day to plan your day and schedule events. DigiCal has 7 different calendar views to toggle between, and 6 different customizable widgets to give you easy access to your agenda. It syncs across all your devices, or you can choose a private calendar if you want to keep your info off the servers. You can even sync it with Google calendar!

News on DigiCal 1.7.0a APK download

This latest version of DigiCal is still being tested, which means you can’t find it in the Play Store. But when you install the DigiCal 1.7.0a APK here on APKDroid, you’ll join the exclusive ranks of Digibites beta testers and get first access to new features, looks and functionality. Plus, you’ll get to help shape the future of the app by providing your valuable feedback to the developers. If you want to be one of the first people to see what DigiCal will have in store for the public when this version is finally released, then download the DigiCal 1.7.0a APK using the link below.

Facebook Lite Latest Version APK Download

If you’ve ever wanted to be a beta tester, this is your chance. The new version of the Facebook Lite 2.0 APK is in beta right now, and you can be one of the first people to see the new features that Facebook Lite 2.0 will have when it is released publicly. Obviously, you can’t find this version in the Google Play Store, but you can download the new Facebook Lite APK file from us using the link at the bottom of the post. You’ll be able to provide feedback to the Facebook developers on the new version, so that Android users everywhere will have a better experience when they download the new version in the future.

What is Facebook Lite

Since this is a beta version, there’s no official word yet on what has changed between the older versions of this app and Facebook Lite APK. You’ll just have to download it and find out! Speaking more generally, though, Facebook Lite is an official variant of the Facebook app for Android devices with 2G networks or poor connectivity. It does almost everything that regular Facebook does, but it does it faster, with less data consumption, and with a tiny APK file size that fits comfortably on even the most cramped Android device.

New Update, VidMate 2.22 APK Download

If you’ve ever been frustrated by the fact that you can’t download videos straight from YouTube or other sites, then VidMate is your solution. VidMate is a free app that lets you download video files from virtually any video sharing site, including YouTube, Vimeo and SoundCloud. You can download HD movies to watch offline, or just download your favorite music videos to jam out to. Of course, an app like this isn’t Play Store-approved, but you can download the VidMate 2.22 APK file directly to your Android device here on APKDroid. Just use the secure link below. We’ve got the latest version for you!

Features of VidMate 2.22 APK

VidMate has a lot of common sense benefits that many other video downloaders are missing. Most importantly, you have the ability to run multiple downloads at once, which saves a lot of time since you don’t have to sit around and wait for the first one to finish before starting another one. You can also pause and postpone downloads, and you won’t lose all your progress if the app stops involuntarily. Best of all, you can run VidMate 2.22 in the background while you go about your normal business on your Android, and before long you’ll have all the videos you want in your virtual library.