aa 1.2.8 (35) APK Download

aa is a popular free game by General Adaptive Apps Pty Ltd., one of the world’s top developers of mobile apps and games. aa is a game that should be on every Android phone; it’s fundamental and should come standard, just like you could always find the Snake game on an old brick phone. Basically, you’re shooting pins at a rotating ball, but the pins can’t touch each other. aa is simple, easy going, and helpful when you are really bored and dizzy from all the flashy new games. When you seriously need to disconnect, just relax and spend some time playing aa. Download aa 1.2.8 APK file here:

aa 1.3.3 (41) APK Download

aa is a strategic game that will improve your thinking. It reminds you of those awesomely simply games from the old days, like snake on your old cell phone. This game requires you to learn many tactics, and learning them quickly will help you to pass levels faster. Learning them isn’t a problem; you just need to read the app’s instructions. Basically, here’s how you play aa: it’s a timed game and there is number in the center and many numbers around it. You need to tap on some of them or one of them whatever it needs to equal the number in the center and you should do it before it runs out! The numbers will become bigger with every new level which makes it an interesting challenge for your mind. If you love old school games, you’ll want to download the aa 1.3.3 APK file ASAP.

Changes to aa 1.3.3 APK

The latest version of aa APK file has more challenging and fun levels than ever, now with 1000 levels to bend your mind. To download aa 1.3.3 APK file to your Android device running 4.0 or higher, just click on the download link below and get playing!