Acrobat Reader 15.3 (131440) APK Download

Acrobat Reader is the most famous and arguably the best PDF reader application available for mobile devices, including Android devices. Acrobat Reader makes it easy to read PDF documents, make notes, and sign e-documents in PDF format. Some major changes were just rolled out in the new Acrobat Reader 15.3 APK, so if you have automatic updates turned off, you won’t want to waste anymore time before downloading the Acrobat Reader APK update.

What’s new in Acrobat Reader 15.3?

The latest version of Acrobat Reader supports the newest Android OS 6.0 and up, which everyone is excited about. Acrobat Reader 15.3 also lets you take a picture of your actual signature and save it to e-sign PDF documents in the future. Night mode has been improved, and some issues and bugs have been fixed. To take advantage of these cool new features, click on the secure Acrobat Reader 15.3 APK download link below and install the file to your Android device.