AppLock 2.13 (2015072701) APK Download

AppLock is the number one app security and privacy application for Android devices, and for good reason. This program adds an extra layer of protection to everything in your phone, from text messages to social media apps to photos in your gallery. Sometimes just having a PIN code on your phone’s lock screen isn’t enough to protect your private information, conversations and pictures. For example, what if you want to let your friend borrow your device to play a game, but don’t want them to go poking around in your photo gallery or chat messages? AppLock lets you lock practically any application on your Android phone with a PIN code, and you can even hide pictures and videos from your gallery so that only you can see them.

Changes to AppLock 2.13 APK file

The AppLock 2.13 APK update is an important one, especially if your device is new enough to upgrade to Android 6.0 Marshmallow. This is the first version of AppLock to support the new Android OS. Even if you can’t upgrate to Android Marshmallow, you’ll still want to download the AppLock 2.13 APK file update below to take advantage of the all new power save mode; the last thing you need is another app draining your battery all day long.