DI Radio

Today we bring Di Radio, one of the best Internet radios for the techno music lovers, which offers you more than 90 stations with different kinds of techno music, which you might not be able to find elsewhere.

All the different stations offer music selected by techno music enthusiasts all around the world who have extensive knowledge on the subject. Among specific techno styles there are: Trance, house, EDM, Lounge, dance, Chillout, among other good stations.

You will notice a modified interface in this version, which will make it easier to find good, new music. Among the different music search options, the best you can do is search by style. Or you could even listen to live shows or radios as well. After that, you can bookmark the ones you found most interesting.

Some two last interesting features are, first, the fact that you can share what you are listening to on social media, and, secondly, you also have a data transmission tool which will keep you informed on how much data you’ve spent, in case you are using your cell phone data.