Black Mart Alpha (992081) APK Latest Download

One of the best download managers for Android phones, Black Mart shows up as another option if you do not want to use the Google Play service. The main difference here is that Black Mart provides a somewhat more informal service in comparison to the “official” Google Play Service. Black Mart works on a P2P platform, which means it will allow you to download many Premium apps for free (which you would have to pay for on the Google market). The P2P (peer to peer) means you would be requesting other users for software they might have so that they can share it with you; and you would be doing the same for other users by sharing some files.

Black Mart, of course, cannot be downloaded from the Google market (due to the terms of service), so you will need to do it manually (enabling the ‘Unknown Sources; download) from the web, and then install it manually as well using your File Manager.

The only downside, due to the P2P system, is that sometimes connection will not be the best. Consequently, some of the downloads may take some more time than others.