Boom Beach 22.70 (22070) APK Download

Boom Beach is a popular strategic game for Android devices. The idea is very similar to the famous game Clash of Clans, but there are no legendary monsters, heroes, and weapons from medieval times. Instead, you’ll find soldiers with machine guns, rocket launchers, artilleries, and battleships equipped with missiles and special weapons. You take your army into battle and then return to your island – no, not a village – you have your own island in the middle of the sea surrounded by both enemies and allies. The region around your island will be cloudy and unknown and you will need to discover what lies within, so you will need to build your island up with buildings for your resources and defense and upgrade them when available to become stronger. Plenty of action is waiting you to discover in Boom Beach, with millions of players around the world; compete with them or attack them to earn valuable resources like gold, wood, and crystals.

Latest Boom Beach 22.70 APK update

The latest version of Boom Beach contains some important bug fixes that will make your gaming experience much less frustrating. You can take advantage of these by downloading the Boom Beach 22.70 APK file using the link below.