Ampere v1.58.1 Beta

Have you ever wondered how efficiently your phone is charging when you plug it into the direct power outlet? Or even when you are charging it with a USB cable connected to your computer? Well, then this is an excellent opportunity to download Ampere v1.58.1 Beta. This app will let you know the charging and discharging current of your battery. This will help you determine the usefulness of different chargers and /or cables you use to charge your device. Mind you, the current will vary according to the following factors: the charger (and/or USB cable), phone type, the current apps running, display brightness, Wifi and GPS state.

This app works on Android 4.0.3 + devices. Not all devices will be supported, depending on the measuring chips they have.

Although this is not a professional measuring software, it is accurate enough. However, some Samsung devices will not provide a correct measure due to firmware issues.

In order to start the application and wait 10 seconds (the word “measuring” will show up for a few seconds). After this the charging or discharging current will be displayed on screen. And you are good to go!