Casper 1.5.1 (27) APK Latest Version Download

The newest version of Casper, the 1.5.1, was released in November 28th 2015. This Android App is an alternative client for the so popular SnapChat. It’s use is quite similar to this App and has minor differences. Casper allows to capture short videos and share them with our friends or in a public way. Capture snaps, create galleries and share them. You can also play with the snaps and add effects through filters, stickers, and so forth. It is one of the new ways of interacting in social network and you cannot miss it.

What’s new in this version?

– Bug fixes

– Minor graphical changes

This app brings no new functionalities and is mostly bug fixing with minor graphical changes. It is not required that you install, but as this App is not available via Play Store you will have to manually update it eventually.

This applications is not available in the Google store and it can only be installed by using the APK. You can simply download, then transfer it to the device. Approve the installation and log in by simply using your SnapChat account. Don’t forget that you will be requested to aprove 3rd party apps, Casper is a popular App and is secure to install.

Casper 1.4.1 (18) APK Download

Casper is a new chat app that you can use to replace the popular chat app Snapchat for instant messaging with lots of fantastic features not available in Snapchat. The name of the app is a play on the Snapchat logo; Casper, as you might know, is the name of a famous ghost (Casper the friendly ghost), so as the name suggests, this app will make your actions invisible to others. For example, Casper lets you to save Snaps and even send some of them from you gallery to anyone. Casper lets you save media files without a permission of the sender and without letting them recognize that you have saved it.

What’s new in Casper 1.4.1 APK?

A new addition to the lasted version of Casper 1.4.1 APK is the addition of many filters that will make your photos look more awesome, and you can now find thousands of Emojis that make chatting more fun and interesting. Important: Casper is NOT available in the Google Play Store (not surprising, considering how it skirts around most of Snapchat’s media privacy features). However, you can enjoy the great features of Casper by downloading the APK file directly from us using the Casper 1.4.1 APK download link below.