Schloss Konflikt: Castle Clash 1.2.37 (1200370) APK Download

Schloss Konflikt or Castle Clash is a great strategy game you can play with other people all over the world, rated 4.6/5 stars in Google Play! If you love multiplayer online RPGs, you’ll love the latest version of Castle Clash 1.2.37, newly updated with bug fixes, improved performance and speed for a better gaming experience. If you haven’t already, make sure you download the Castle Clash 1.2.37 APK below so you are fully up to date.

Gameplay in Schloss Konflikt: Castle Clash 1.2.37

In Schloss Konflikt: Castle Clash, you create your own empire and fight against other empires for glory. Over 100 million players play Castle Clash, competing for victor in one of the most exciting games available for Android. Success in Castle Clash depends on strategic thinking as well as frantic fighting. As you gain experience, you will be faced with more and more new challenges with each new level. Your empire will be big as your creativity and fighting skills allow it to be. You can band together with allies against your enemies in realistic battles to lead your empire to victory. To download the updated Castle Clash 1.2.37 APK file, make sure your Android allows installation of apps from places other than Google Play, and tap the download link below.