Zapya 3.4 (137) APK Latest Version Download

Zapya is the most known app developed by DewMobile Inc. It is a useful tool for those who constantly need to send and receive documents or files. Think of it as a deposit space (sort of cloud) where you can easily transfer documents through your different devices and together with friends or workmates. One of the key features of Zapya is its large compatibility through several devices such as iPhone, Window Phones, Tizen, PCs, Mac computers,  and of course, Android devices.  The other advantage is that it doesn’t require Internet to share files, as this can be done via other connections that are available, reducing the costs of Internet usage (NFC, BlueTooth, AirDrop). All this together with several other features which are focused to provide a great experience while team sharing files.

What’s new:

– New Design of the Share button

– New GUI (Graphic User Interface)

– Easier way of creating groups and joining to them.

Version 3.4 was released on November 19th and brings with it several upgrades you don’t want to miss.

Zapya is probably the fastest app available for transferring files, providing you with unbelievable speed for file transfers, much faster than the traditional methods, reaching up to 10 megabytes per second or faster, and works on every platform, Android, iOS, Windows Phone and even PC for maximum flexibility. 300 million users around the world are already enjoying the benefits of Zapya and saving time and frustration. If you ever catch yourself complaining about how long it takes for you to transfer files, especially for those who want to share HD videos, there’s no reason not to download the latest version of Zapya to your Android right now using the free APK file below.

Transferring files in Zapya 3.4

If you ever share heavy files, like movies or even a video you took with your HD camera and want to pull your hair out when it takes hours to send, using Zapya it will be done in seconds, no matter the file size. You can use Zapya 3.4 to share your apps, music, photos, PDFs, and many more files types. You can even share your internet access with a friend, use it for multiplayer games and otherwise enjoy it with your friends without spending any of your data plan. Another special feature is that you can backup your mobile device and save it anywhere, like your PC.