Piktures 2.0

Are you tired of your current image gallery?  Is it boring? Does is have an awful display?IS it slow at the time of loading pictures?  Well It’s time you moved on to Piktures 2.0. This gallery comes with a bunch of nice innovations which will make your image-storing experience much more fun.

Piktures 2.0 offers some very appealing tools such as an excellent album organization tool with and excellent display. You also have the chance to hide certain folders you want to keep private, or even just protect them under password request. This last characteristics is one of the first and most interesting updates this app contains.

The 2.0 version has come with some other interesting updates, such as bug fixes, a new UX calendar and performance enhancement. Besides you can now also change the images’ size before you share them.

Last but not least, its interface is gesture-based, and its loading speed surpasses most conventional galleries, which we know sometimes take some time loading the photos we want to see.