Facebook Lite Latest Version APK Download

If you’ve ever wanted to be a beta tester, this is your chance. The new version of the Facebook Lite 2.0 APK is in beta right now, and you can be one of the first people to see the new features that Facebook Lite 2.0 will have when it is released publicly. Obviously, you can’t find this version in the Google Play Store, but you can download the new Facebook Lite APK file from us using the link at the bottom of the post. You’ll be able to provide feedback to the Facebook developers on the new version, so that Android users everywhere will have a better experience when they download the new version in the future.

What is Facebook Lite

Since this is a beta version, there’s no official word yet on what has changed between the older versions of this app and Facebook Lite APK. You’ll just have to download it and find out! Speaking more generally, though, Facebook Lite is an official variant of the Facebook app for Android devices with 2G networks or poor connectivity. It does almost everything that regular Facebook does, but it does it faster, with less data consumption, and with a tiny APK file size that fits comfortably on even the most cramped Android device.

Facebook Beta

If you’re the kind of person who always wants to be the first to know about anything, then why not be a beta tester for everyone’s favorite social media app, Facebook? The newest version of Facebook beta was just released today, and you’ll get to see what’s in store when Facebook 63.0 is finally released to the public. You can download the Facebook Beta APK file right here from APKDroid using the link below. Note: you can’t find this version in the Play Store! As a Facebook beta tester, not only will you get an exclusive preview of the newest features, but you will providing valuable feedback so the app developers can make Facebook for Android better for all of us.

Download Facebook Beta APK

Remember, you can’t find beta versions in the Play Store, but you can download the APK file here directly to your Android device running Android OS 5.0 and higher (Lollipop). If you’ve never done a direct APK download to your device before, first go to your security settings and find the option labeled “unknown sources”. Check the box, and you’re ready to go! When the file is done downloading, just open it up to start installation, and your device will walk you through the rest.

Facebook Messenger (20110996) (Android 5.0+) APK Download

Facebook Messenger is one of the most popular Apps in the Play Store, it’s the official messenger App from the largest Social Network. This App allows us to get access to our Facebook conversations, and also allows us to associate our Mobile Number with our Facebook account, in other words: our friends can find us on Facebook via our Mobile Number and vice versa. All of this completely for free, as it only requierese Internet Access (it uses your Data Plan in case is needed).

The most important features:

– Conversations. Chat with your friends and create group conversations. Name each conversation to keep everything for organized.

– Photos and videos. Take photos and share them instantly, you can also do the same with videos. Just tap and start recording.

– Messenger Bubbles. Facebook Messenger can operate in the background while you do other activities, the Message Bubble allows you to jump back into the conversation with a simple tap.

– Free calls. If you have Internet connection, enjoy of calling your friends and family for free with it’s high quality calls.

– And much more. The Facebook messenger has many other features like forwarding messages, keeping a log of the conversation files, sharing your location, and much more.

 What’s new in this version?

– Minor bug fixes

Facebook Groups

The compliment App of Facebook for browsing through our Facebook Groups. This app is meant for browsing our Facebook groups in an efficient way. It offer full functionality such as in the browser: create groups and administer them, find groups and request joining to them, share photos links and any other content via the wall of the group.

Facebook Groups is an extension of the Social Network which is ideal for keeping shared photos with groups such as friends, family or work colleagues. Of course,Facebook is not all about entertainment and it can also help us deal with our school and work projects: share information, keep updated with your team.

As all the Apps of Facebook it has full compatibility with other compliments such as Messenger and Browser.

 What’s new?

It hasn’t been mentioned what does this update contain. It is a minor update and therefore is not mandatory to update. The upgrade may come atuomatically in the following days, or you can aswell download the Apk and manually install it. We supose this update deals mostly with bugs and stability issues.

Facebook Pages Manager

Facebook Pages Manager is the oficial app developed by Facebook that allows you to administer your Fan Pages from your mobile devices. Since several versions ago, the functionality of the Pages was completely transferred to this App and now is a most for all you social media mangers. Face Pages Manager allows you to make almost the same tasks you can do from the web page version: upload photos, comment as the page, read and reply messages addressed to your fanpage, check the statistics of your page and further more.

What’s new?

– Bug fixes. It’s expected to be a more stable version.

– Further details haven’t been mentioned.

This is a minor update and may not be required to get it immediately. Anyway, if you are interested in getting it you may do it by downloading the APK of Facebook Pages and manually installing it. Your Android device should still get this automatically update or simply update in one of the later versions.

You can also subscribe for the beta testing and get upgrades before everyone else.

Facebook (8742515) APK Download

The number one social media app in the world, Facebook, has just released the latest version of its Facebook for Android app, bringing us to Facebook APK. As you know, Facebook helps you stay connected to your friends, family and other contacts, letting you post statuses about what’s on your mind, share photos, and see what others are sharing too. This specific Facebook update isn’t super exciting, but does have some important tweaks that improve the speed and reliability of the app, so it’s certainly worth the 30 seconds it takes to download the update. You can download Facebook APK here:

Messenger (8938786) APK Download

We have a new Messenger update (aka Facebook Messenger) for you Android users today. As you are probably already aware, Facebook for Android really wants you to use Messenger for sending instant messages to your friends as opposed to using the messages tab in the Facebook app. The interface of Messenger is specially designed for small screens on mobile devices. This is an app that is always being updated and improved, so we recommend staying up to date and downloading the latest version available for your version of Android OS. You can download the new Messenger APK file using our download link here:

FB Messenger (9316100) APK Download

FB Messenger (short for Facebook Messenger, of course) has just rolled out a new update to their Android mobile app, bringing us to FB Messenger This is the app that you use to send Facebook instant messages, and the nice thing about it is it can run in the background, so you can keep your conversations going and smoothly alternate between Messenger and other apps. This new version comes with some important updates to improve app performance and fix some bugs. As always, we recommend having the latest version possible on your device at all times. You can get the latest version of FB Messenger APK file here:

FB Messenger (9508246) APK Download

FB Messenger, the instant messaging app that works with your Facebook for Android app, has released the latest version of their APK. As of April 30, 2015, the latest version is Messenger, which you can download at the bottom of this post. FB Messenger keeps you connected to all of your Facebook friends when you’re out and about, keeping your messages organized in an app that’s designed to be readable and intuitive on your Android smartphone or tablet. To download the FB Messenger APK file from APKDroid, first make sure your device will allow the installation by going to your security settings and selecting “unknown sources”.

Facebook (9018335) (Android 4.0+) APK Download

You already know you can’t live without Facebook, and it’s even better when you can carry it with you on your Android smartphone or tablet wherever you go. If your device has OS 4.0 or higher, a new and updated Facebook APK is available for you to download right now. You can download the latest version of Facebook for Android using the link at the bottom of this post. This is another one of those updates that doesn’t really seem like it changes anything, but there are some changes behind the scenes that will improve the app’s performance and give you a better Facebook mobile experience.