Download Twitter Latest Version 5.85.0 for Android

Twitter is one of the best apps if you want to keep informed about the latest news in the world.

One of the best characteristics about this app is that is does not take up much space on your cellphone (the app itself is 15 MB; and simple as it is, it provides you with boundless information through efficient snippets of text.

You can follow all kinds of people: company CEOs, movie stars, spiritual leaders, etc.; all of them have a Twitter account through which they keep their audience updated on the latest news.

You can also express yourself through different media, such as photos, emoji, emoticons, video, GIFs and vines. You can get followed by as many people as possible and you can share all your stories with them.

Remember you can always use hashtags (#) to find more about topics you like, or also to create some new trendy topic yourself.

One of things I found particularly useful is the possibility to link Twitter with other apps, such as sharing Tweets through Facebook or Youtube, or sharing Youtube links on Twitter.

This specific update includes some bug fixes, as well as enhancements in the Tweet reply.

Facebook Messenger (17677865) APK Latest Download

Facebook messenger is one of the most useful chat systems of the day. It allows you to chat with your Facebook friends from your cellphone, with an app that is only 24 MB.

You can also create groups to talk to certain friends: you can use this for special events, or just for fun.

You can send all types of files: photos, videos, audio, Text files, etc.

Similar to WhatsApp, you can also send audio messages that you record from the chat software itself (so you don’t have to record it separately and then send it as a file).

One of the latest updates to this software is the possibility for audio or video call, (totally for free, of course), which makes this one resemble to Skype, in some of its functions.

One other interesting quality of this software is its chat heads: you can keep chats active through chat heads you leave in your screen (it’s like minimizing an app). Whenever you get a message, you’ll get a warning from one of the heads, which you tap on, and then open back up to continue chatting.

Facebook messenger is an essential app that needs to be present in your cellphone.

UC Browser Mini 10.5.0 (83) APK Download

This mini web browser provides you with one of the biggest experiences possible on your cellphone. Available for Android users, has been designed as a lightweight type of software (only 1.1 MB!), very useful for users with cellphones that lack boundless storage space and system capacity.

Among many of its features is its efficiency, as it allows is to function faster than other apps. This, for example, let’s webpages load faster than other browsers. All in all this program is designed for speed and efficacy; that is why its interface is so clean and it presents customizable features in order to reduce data consumption, when needed. Among these, are the possibility to have many kinds of short-cuts on your desktop, which speeds up all different actions you want to execute. For example, you can have your bookmarked pages as short-cuts as well as access to some other option in the system. The only down-side to this is that too many short-cuts could congest your screen.

It also provides an excellent interface, which , for example, will allow you to navigate safely without closing any tab by accident, which we know if a regular blunder we all have made.

It also adds some interesting features for software control. For example, the Gesture-control video software will allow you to gesture commands to control video progress and also turn up or down the volume, among other things.

Night mode will allow you to read more comfortably at night as it adjust certain brightness features in the screen through color-inversion and other stuff that might interfere with the lack of light at night.

One of the most useful, not much renowned asset of browsers is the Incognito browsing mode.  This mode will allow you to surf the web without leaving traces behind regarding your identity, not even in the browser itself. So, whatever you do when you surf the net and visit different web-pages, rest assured nobody will know.

Smart Downloading supports different download formats, along with the possibility for auto-reconnection if your connection was to get cut off at any moment. Many of us have been victims of the lost connection, lost download altogether. With Smart Downloading you do not have to go through that horrible experience again.

Boom Beach 22.70 (22070) APK Download

Boom Beach is becoming one of the trendiest mini-video games for cell phones that work on Android. This game, shortly put, is about conquering islands.

When you start the game, you get one island that works as your Head Quarters where you start developing our army, setting up your defenses and doing all that is necessary for your team. Once you have built up an army decent enough to fight, you can take it to other islands to conquer them and appropriate all the islands resources to establish another base. Among the people you can attack, you also have a number of options. You can attack the Blackguard, which is the default enemy set up by the system, or you can also attack other online players who are around. On the other hand, you could also make an alliance with these other players, in order to take on stronger players or the powerful Blackguard himself. Bottom line, sometimes brains can defeat sheer brawl.

You should cleverly plan your attack strategy before going for the raid, as the real-time battle style could, sometimes, take you off guard. Battle-wise, you might have noticed the game is turning away from the fantasy theme and offering a world full of soldiers with real machines guns, missiles, and motorized boats, among others.

Let us give you one caveat regarding this game: some items, upgrades, etc. can actually be bought for real money, so you need to be on the lookout to block the function if you do not desire to spend your REAL money on item purchases in this game.

Graphic-wise, this game offers very attractive effects, very acceptable for its small size and purpose. You will, of course, notice, the switch of kinds of graphics when it goes from just game scene into cinematics, which really good.

In order to play the game, first you need to download the APK which we will provide below, and always remember to accept the download when your browser asks if an “unknown” file should be downloaded to your system. It is not very big in size (only 47 MB), so that should not be a problem for your phone. Once the file has been downloaded, you just unzip it, run the installer and get ready to play!

WhatsApp 2.12.367 (450816) APK Latest Version Download

WhatsApp Messenger is one of the best, if not the best, messenger in the world. First of all, this efficient messenger app is completely for free (for the first year and then it is 0.99$ a year).

As regards its different capacities, you can send regular text messages, which also include a well-developed variety of emoticons. This includes all kinds of gestures, faces and even animals, or cars (and one of the most recent update includes ethnically conscious emoticons). Secondly, voice-messages, in which you record yourself speaking and send the message in a matter of second; and you can record many minutes without having to send it become a burden on you.

And ultimately, the phone-call feature is the one that has revolutionized the entire world. The data-packaging system is so efficient that you do not really need a very efficient connection in order to make a phone-call. Interestingly enough the sound quality is unbelievable.

One other pretty interesting feature is the possibility to make chat-groups, which is something pretty trendy nowadays in order to keep in contact with people from work or college.

Another silly, though very interesting thing to mention is the fact that WhatsApp uses internet connection (through 3G or Wi Fi) in order to function. Hence, any type of communication will cost nothing to the users.

In order to use the software people do not have the need to make any “User” as their phone number will simply be enough. And they will not be needing to add their “buddies” on the platform (as it is required in many others such as Facebook). The app will refresh its list based on you phone book, so you just need to add any contact on your phone the way you have always done.

In terms of sharing, well, you can share your location, videos and other kinds of files as well. And even, of course, if the other person is not online, they will eventually open or turn on their phone, open the app and see whatever it is you sent them.

WhatsApp has been one of the major apps that has really changed the way in which we chat, and talk on our mobile devices. It has decreased costs exponentially and facilitated communication around the world.

Gmail 5.7.105901136.release (5701164457011644) APK Download

We have all complained about having to delete e-mail due to not having enough space to just store our e-mail in our in-box or not being able to attach files bigger than 2 MB to e-mails. Besides, sometimes our Spam filter has not work well enough to prevent us from running into the junk mail going directly into our inbox; and particularly, for the purposes of mobile e-mail some sites such as “Outlook” do not offer an app option for your phone.

Gmail has been one of the best systems of e-mail in the world for years now. Not only it provides almost infinite storage space (as it increases by the second), but it also provides a virtual drive, a chat system and a really efficient SPAM filter. This has been adapted into an app, compatible, in this case, with Android, which means, in can work on almost any phone in the market.

Usually, this app would come as an in-built app for any phone, which means you will not need to look for it and install it. On the other, if you happened to be one of the unfortunate users who doesn’t have it, here we offer you the APK version of it, which can be downloaded and installed in your system in just a few short steps. The only disadvantage is that you will need to update it yourself in many cases.

In the last version you will find many improvements to the app. For example, better e-mail organization through categories such as “social media” or “advertisements”, etc.; an even better Spam filter, so that you don’t have to deal with any junk e-mail in your inbox anytime; a current average limit of 15 GB of space for your e-mails; compatibility to use other accounts from different providers. This means you can go to Gmail even if you want to open your Outlook or Yahoo e-mail. What is more, you will be delighted to see the glamorous interface offer: very neat color and very easy-to-read font.

System requirement-wise, Android 6.0 is needed, 13.26 Megabytes of free-memory space. As you can see, these “major” requirements don’t really demand a lot of our phone. Hence, any “basic” phone can support this very useful app.