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    Google Play services is a background service and API package for Android devices. In general, it is always built-in any Android device purchased in the market. This service allows for many of the applications we take for granted to work on our phone. Hence, many of the applications that are Google Services-related may stop working if you decided to uninstall Google Services from your phone. Besides, many other applications which are enhanced by Google Play Services may show limited
    Google Play Services brings along a number of applications that make our lives easier as well as enhancing our experience with our Android phone. One of the first ones is Google +. This one is a special Sign-in platform, as it connects with different services which will, hence, allows us to enjoy a more personalized experience while using other services such as the Google search engine, Gmail, YouTube (and you have it integrated with Google +) and others. Having a Google+ account and having it integrated to as many other services as possible basically makes our lives easier at the time of signing-up/in to any of our favorites sites/services which can be integrated to Google+.
    The second application is a well-known one is Maps, which includes Google Maps and Street view without the need to open a separate application (hence, making the whole app more versatile and efficient). I think it goes without saying that the usefulness of Google Maps is evident to anybody who has ever travelled anywhere. In the specific case of Street View, I have many times used it myself in order to check out the surrounding of different stops where the train or bus would drop me off. Thus I would know where to find a good coffee shop to wait until my friends picked me up.
    Google Drive, needless to say, is one of the best apps for those who need some extra space in the cloud for important backups. Google Cloud provides 15 GB of free space, which you can upload at any time for storage (or download if you need a certain file stored on it). The amount of uses you can give to Google Drive are endless. First you can upload files manually, but you can also make automatic backups if you link Google Drive to your Whats app application, for instance.
    For the once who use Gmail, this one allows to sync its calendar to your Android phone in order to save everything you have on your phone calendar on you Gmail calendar, which can be extremely useful if you change cellphones. Furthermore you can make a back-up of your contacts which you can retrieve if you change phones or SIM cards (and therefore would lose all the contacts unless you transfer them manually or have them transferred at any cellphone agency).
    Google Wallet, which allows purchase of products and services with affiliated entities. For the ones familiarized with the PAypal concept, Google Wallet would be basically the same. Some of the shop you can shop at or services you can purchase using Google Wallet are Fancy, Newegg, TigerDirect, Sony, Badoo, etc.
    With Google Wallet, not only can you purchase products/services, but you can also lend borrow money from your friends. You can send money directly with only a few taps on your phone. Although this app has not yet expanded that much, it surely shows a potential promising future.
    Google Hangouts, a useful chat software also works with Google Play Services. This chat is usd by certain communities and it allows users to hold efficient communication (in the same way Whats app or other major chatting softwares allow).
    Google Play Services can enhance certain games, allowing for more competitive and media interaction, among friends or other people on the internet.
    Last but not least, Google Play Store allows us to acquire an immense amount of useful apps for our entertainment and daily life use. Not only does Google Play Store offer video games and books for entertainment, but also very useful apps and gadgets that can make our life so much easier. For example, I have download my favorite weather forecast app that keeps me informed 24/7 of the weather to come wherever I go. Second, I have also downloaded RunKeeper, which is an awesome app if you like running (as it come with a GPS tool that indicates how much and where you have run. And you can also share your scores with friends in its own social running media).
    It is noteworthy that Google Play Services provides us with an excellent platform that allows us to make use of very useful software. Without Google Play Services, many of the applications we use nowadays would not be able to work, and many others would not be enhanced social-media-wise (such as certain games allowing for multiplayer access).

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