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Play Store 7.1.15 APK


Few people do not know the Play Store. Today is almost impossible not to know the set of applications among which Play Store is, and the Android operating system is the most used among users of mobile devices all over the world and continues to grow day after day.

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The application Play Store needs to be in a constant way to get up-to-date to solve the increasing demand and to correct mistakes and to adapt improvements that are resulting in a new version.


We have been surprised by the arrival to the market of this recent update of Play Store: 7.1.15. The developers of the recognized virtual shop for Android have given one more step towards the ideal functioning of this digital platform. In this summary we will offer you the most pertinent details that this update brings on this new delivery.


A surprising update


It was a surprising update really. Altough we are always ready to receive new deliveries from Play Store, at this time this was a good surprise for us.


In some world regions even does not find the official version of the platform available. Nevertheless, gradually Android will be incorporating the virtual shop of Google to the different versions of the operating system.


Surprising update with hindsight

The famous managing platform of mobile applications Android APK mirror today is on joy. Its traditional homepage and user’s interface has left on inhospitable form the new update of Google Play Store 7.1.15. Just hours after newly released launch, it has exceeded 15,000 downloads on mobile platforms. A new record for fans and followers of it.


SEO in Play Store 7

Optimizing search at the digital billboard for Android devices it has become focus of multiple target audience users within their content platform.


When you perform a specific search for key product, the new organizational structure results will be presented and arranged in an orderly desktop environment which complement the main attraction of updates.


Improvements and news

The virtual store for Android devices has been characterized by offering a high range of possibilities and facilities for all users and this time is no exception.


Multiple enhancements have been added to the Play Store technology platform. Supported versions with this new version of Play Store are 4 or higher operating systems. The audio book version has been modified by a compact and related interface which enables its users to have greater ease in locating their copies.


The general user interface has been refreshed for enhanced browsing experience and use. It is true that some of its functions as beta are in their development phase, however, the navigation options and downloads have been modified based on the needs of its users.


This new version of Play Store displays the categories from those most downloaded, even less popular ones. You can also divide them into those that are free and which are paid, handling a certain semblance of organization under a structure of great order and visibility.


Getting a specific order of categories is one of the main changes in this new version but still driving around the facility of all at all times.


The size of this new version of Play Store is about 17 Mb which claims to be a light shop that will occupy little space in the memory of your Smartphone.


Play Store has happily accustomed us to improve our user experience and more when the huge new applications are added daily to the platform. Play Store still retains its simple interface according to a simple use and where you can scroll through any category.


Do not forget to enjoy this update!