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DigiCal 1.7.0a, New Beta APK Download

DigiCal has been rated one of the top 12 Calendar apps for Android devices, with a superb combination of functionality and stylishness. This digital calendar from Digibites is highly flexible and customizable, with an attractive UI that will make you want to use it all day, every day to plan your day and schedule events. DigiCal has 7 different calendar views to toggle between, and 6 different customizable widgets to give you easy access to your agenda. It syncs across all your devices, or you can choose a private calendar if you want to keep your info off the servers. You can even sync it with Google calendar!

News on DigiCal 1.7.0a APK download

This latest version of DigiCal is still being tested, which means you can’t find it in the Play Store. But when you install the DigiCal 1.7.0a APK here on APKDroid, you’ll join the exclusive ranks of Digibites beta testers and get first access to new features, looks and functionality. Plus, you’ll get to help shape the future of the app by providing your valuable feedback to the developers. If you want to be one of the first people to see what DigiCal will have in store for the public when this version is finally released, then download the DigiCal 1.7.0a APK using the link below.

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