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Greenify 2.8.1

Do you miss the performance of your Android device when you just bought it? Are you tired of running out of battery often? Greenify is the App you must be looking for. The developers of Greenify strongly believe that your phone should always be as fast as new, no matter how many apps you install, and that your battery get’s drain out by Apps which enter into lagging cycles. Greenify tackles both problems by forcing hibernation of apps which you are not using, this way they won’t user RAM of your phone, and you will save up the energy of your battery for what really is important.

Some key features of Greenify include:

– Hiernation of Apps. Do this in a personalized way, and change between apps in a smooth way. You won’t loose any functionality while the app is hibernated. Note: Do not Greenify Apps that need to work in the foreground such as instant messaging or alarms.

– Smart source administration. Greenify doesn’t force closing of apps like other “source saving Apps”, also, going back to a foreground App is almost instantaneously not like apps that “freeze” foreground processes.

What’s new?

– Bug fixes and crash fixes.

– Two experimental features: Aggressive Doze (No root required), and Shallow Hibernation (Roor required).

– Seamless auto hibernation.

– Several other improvements that overall should make the app work smoother.

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