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PlayMemories Mobile 5.5.0

This is the official App developed by Sony for several of it’s digital cameras. Update now via PlayStore or by using the Apk of PlayMemories. With this app we can use our Sony camera in more convenient ways, such as:

– Send photos and videos from your camera to your smartphone. As soon as you take a photo, this will be send to your phone, and then you can immediately share it, or store it in your favorite SNS or web service (f.e. Google Drive or Dropbox).

– Remote Shooting. Now you can use your smartphone as a trigger / shutter of your camera. No need to carry anymore an IR sensor or use the timing function for those group pictures. We can even see the frame of our photo from the display of our mobile.

– Remotely change the settings of your photo*. Change the focus mode or the capture mode remotely (night mode, macro mode, etc…). This function is only available on certain cameras.

Several other functions are available depending the camera you have (PlayMemories, Action Cam, Lens-Style Camera).

Note: This App only works with certain Sony Cameras, consult the specifications to know if your device is compatible.

 What’s new?

PlayMemories 5.5.0 comes with few changes:

– HDR-AS50 support.

– Better operation stability.

– Action Cam functions added.

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