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SD Maid 4.0.5 Beta Patched APK Download

For all you Android users who love to be the first to know about everything, you’ll get a kick out of beta testing SD Maid’s latest APK release. SD Maid is a great app still being developed designed to clean up all the unnecessary junk hanging around on your Android device, freeing up your limited memory and speeding things up significantly. SD Maid also works as a file manager, letting you browse through all the files on your device, search directly for a file if you know what you’re looking for, or use the “Corpse Finder” feature which will find orphan files that don’t belong anywhere, so you can keep everything nice and tidy!

What’s new with SD Maid 4.0.5 APK?

This latest version is a patch of SD Maid v. 4.0 beta, which of course is not available in the Play Store. SD Maid 4.0.5 calls this release another step towards a stable release, after fixing several behavior and crashing issues. This new patch also includes performance improvements and a new unlocker update. Remember, beta apps are still working out the bugs, but as a beta tester, you can provide useful feedback and shape the future of the app.

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