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SwiftKey Beta (arm)

SwiftKey is one of the best keyboard enhancers available for Android Devices. For those big fans or enthusiasts from the App, the Beta version could be something worth trying. As the name suggests, this app gives us access to all the test versions released, this way we will always be the first ones to get access in the newest features. This Apps is constant development and will release the new features before they get into the SwiftKey App. Up to now some of it’s unique features include:

– Double Word Prediction. Now you will be able to type faster than ever with this simple feature that will learn to connect words in couples.

– Settings menu revamped. A new settings menu which we expect provides a better experience and allows you to fine tune your settings.

– Carbon Light. A new theme for the SwiftKey appearance.

As this is a Beta Version, you are more than encouraged to provide feedback to the developers. Help them develop a better app by sending them your feelings about these features.

What’s new?

In comparisson to previous versions of SwiftKey Beta, the version (arm) has a couple of changes:

– Number row is displayed in the password field.

– The app will join to Microsoft.

–  Several error corrections of display, bug fix that prevented the app from starting at first time in Android 4.4 and the Q/1 key won’t be blocked anymore in the password fields.

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