UC Browser Mini 10.5.0 (83) APK Download

This mini web browser provides you with one of the biggest experiences possible on your cellphone. Available for Android users, has been designed as a lightweight type of software (only 1.1 MB!), very useful for users with cellphones that lack boundless storage space and system capacity.

Among many of its features is its efficiency, as it allows is to function faster than other apps. This, for example, let’s webpages load faster than other browsers. All in all this program is designed for speed and efficacy; that is why its interface is so clean and it presents customizable features in order to reduce data consumption, when needed. Among these, are the possibility to have many kinds of short-cuts on your desktop, which speeds up all different actions you want to execute. For example, you can have your bookmarked pages as short-cuts as well as access to some other option in the system. The only down-side to this is that too many short-cuts could congest your screen.

It also provides an excellent interface, which , for example, will allow you to navigate safely without closing any tab by accident, which we know if a regular blunder we all have made.

It also adds some interesting features for software control. For example, the Gesture-control video software will allow you to gesture commands to control video progress and also turn up or down the volume, among other things.

Night mode will allow you to read more comfortably at night as it adjust certain brightness features in the screen through color-inversion and other stuff that might interfere with the lack of light at night.

One of the most useful, not much renowned asset of browsers is the Incognito browsing mode.  This mode will allow you to surf the web without leaving traces behind regarding your identity, not even in the browser itself. So, whatever you do when you surf the net and visit different web-pages, rest assured nobody will know.

Smart Downloading supports different download formats, along with the possibility for auto-reconnection if your connection was to get cut off at any moment. Many of us have been victims of the lost connection, lost download altogether. With Smart Downloading you do not have to go through that horrible experience again.

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