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Facebook Groups

The compliment App of Facebook for browsing through our Facebook Groups. This app is meant for browsing our Facebook groups in an efficient way. It offer full functionality such as in the browser: create groups and administer them, find groups and request joining to them, share photos links and any other content via the wall of the group.

Facebook Groups is an extension of the Social Network which is ideal for keeping shared photos with groups such as friends, family or work colleagues. Of course,Facebook is not all about entertainment and it can also help us deal with our school and work projects: share information, keep updated with your team.

As all the Apps of Facebook it has full compatibility with other compliments such as Messenger and Browser.

 What’s new?

It hasn’t been mentioned what does this update contain. It is a minor update and therefore is not mandatory to update. The upgrade may come atuomatically in the following days, or you can aswell download the Apk and manually install it. We supose this update deals mostly with bugs and stability issues.