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Play Store for Acer

Most people know the name Acer because of their reputation for making some of the best laptops money can buy, and their desktop PCs are just as famous. Until recently, their brand of mobile devices has been a well-kept secret, but if you are the owner of an Acer smartphone or tablet, you’re probably aware of its high quality and will agree that more people should know about these devices.

Acer currently has three different lines of smartphones: Liquid Jade, Liquid Z and Liquid M. They also have tons of tablet models, including the older Iconia A1, Iconia W4 and Iconia W7P, plus the current Iconia One models 7, 8 and 10, and the Iconia Tab models 8, 8W and 10.

Most Acer mobile devices are powered by Android operating system (standard OS version varies by device), and as such get to experience all the benefits of the Google Play Store and the millions of apps, games, songs, e-books and other cool stuff that’s just a tap away.

Google Play Store on Acer tablets

With both the Iconia Tab and Iconia One lines, there three different sizes/ levels of technical specifications to choose from, which largely depends on what you plan on using the tablet for. The Iconia Tab 10 is a favorite among gamers and graphic artists because of the huge screen made of durable Gorilla Glass.

But don’t let its strength fool you – the screen is still sensitive enough that artists can sketch on it with a regular pencil, students can take notes by hand with a stylus, etc. The Iconia Tab 10 really shines when you load it up with graphics heavy games from the Play Store or the mobile version of Adobe Illustrator.

On the other end of the spectrum, the Iconia One 7 is a good fit for people who need a powerful tablet that’s compact and lets you do anything you would normally do on your laptop. Productivity apps in the Google Play Store are ideal in this situation, so go ahead and load up this Acer tablet with the Microsoft Office suite for mobile, your email, favorite news and weather apps, and a note-taking app like Evernote.

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Using Play Store on Acer smartphones

If you’ve got a Liquid Jade or Liquid Z model smartphone, you can essentially put any apps from the Google Play Store on your Acer phone and have it work great. They have powerful quad-core processors and amazing graphics capabilities, making them great for resource-heavy mobile games.

The Liquid Jade also comes equipped with a 13 Mpx front camera and a 5 Mpx selfie cam, perfect for taking pictures or videos for Instagram, SnapChat, and any other social media app you can find in the Play Store.

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How to download Play Store for Acer devices

Any Android-powered Acer should have come with Google Play Store already installed, but if you can’t find it there anywhere, or you need to reinstall it for some reason, downloading Play Store on your Acer isn’t as complicated as you might assume. All you have to do is download the official APK, which you can find right here in this post, and install the file onto your Acer phone or tablet.


Important note: almost all Acer mobile devices run Android, but if you have an Acer Liquid M phone, your OS is Windows and this method won’t work for you. You might be able to find a way around it, but you’re probably better off sticking with the official Windows App Store.

First thing’s first: whether your Acer is a smartphone or tablet, find your security settings and look for something called “Unknown sources”. Usually you’ll find security under the “General” tab in your device’s settings. You’ll see that there’s either a checkbox or toggle switch next to the “Unknown sources” option. Make sure that this is turned on (enabled). Otherwise, the Play Store installation won’t work on your Acer.

Next, use your device to tap on the Play Store APK download link in this post, and if you get a pop-up on your device, select “Save file”. The file will start downloading, and when it’s done, tap on the notification you get to open the Play Store app file.

Now, all you have to do is tap the “Install” button, accept the permissions that Google Play Store needs in order to run, and wait a minute.

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