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Download Google Play Store For BlackBerry


All recent, officially licensed Android devices, smartphones and tablets, come with Play Store pre-installed as one of the core applications in the device. But other brands such as BlackBerry, Kindle Fire, and others, have their own distinct markets. Thus, they design their devices to accept app and content downloads from their own official markets, and never leave a place for having Play Store in their devices.

This is a real problem for some BlackBerry users because Play Store has more digital content and much more free stuff to offer; other markets, no matter how big they are, always fall a bit short and have lots of apps missing. That’s what made some developers find ways to go around the BlackBerry system to make installing Play Store on them possible, but it wasn’t an easy task!



Can you download Play Store on BlackBerry?

Installing a fully functioning version of the official Google Play Store on a BlackBerry was once mission impossible. But now, it is doable, and I’ll tell you all about it in this post.

Disclaimer: This is a kind of modified/patched software. It doesn’t come with any sort of warranty and isn’t guaranteed to work.

Please, read the post to the very end to ensure you get all the necessary information in order to properly install a functioning version of Play Store on your BlackBerry smartphone.


How to install Play Store for BlackBerry

To enjoy all the great features of Play Store on your Blackberry (features listed in the next section), you will need to do a few steps. Since BlackBerry devices have their own “BB World” and a separate store to get their apps from, having Play Store on them is not allowed – not officially, anyway. But there is a way to get around that restriction and put the Play Store right at your fingertips.

To get started, you will need to download 3 files to your Blackberry device; then, install and run these files in the correct order (given in the next section). These files are:

  • “”
  • “cobalt.blackberry.googleID”
  • “”

You will need to have a Google account to use the Play Store on your BlackBerry, so if you don’t already have one, go create a Gmail account while you wait for the files to download.


Installing and running Play Store files on BlackBerry

Add a Google system account to your device

First, add a Google system account to your device. This is done by installing the first file, “”. Once it’s installed, run the file and login with your Google credentials. The app will be automatically closed if the step was successfully completed. Now, you should be able to find your Google account in the “Accounts” section of your Blackberry’s settings listed as a “Third Party Account”.

Download Google Play Store For BlackBerry

Register your device with Google Play

Second, register your device with Google Play. This will be done by installing the second file, “cobalt.blackberry.googleID”. Then, run the file and register your device with Google Play. Close the app after the successful registration.

Install Google Play Store

Third, install Google Play Store by installing the last file, “”. Then, run the app and enjoy Google Play Store!

Note: All 3 files MUST remain installed on your device. If you delete any one of them, Google Play Store will not function any more.

Play Store features to enjoy on your BlackBerry

Now that you’ve installed Play Store, it’s time to enjoy all the unique features of this awesome app and content market. There are literally millions of your favorite apps, games, movies, music, e-books and more. You can enjoy the practical UI that makes searching and downloading digital content a breeze.

Everything is organized within the store, so your search can be filtered, saving lots of time and effort. You can browse the Top Charts, New Releases, Editor’s Choice, and check out Special Offers where you might get paid apps for a lower price or even for free!

You can also enjoy the following features of Play Store directly from your BlackBerry:

  • Get notified for new app updates
  • Rate and write reviews for downloaded apps
  • Multi language support (any language that is supported by Google)
  • Manage your app download history (view, edit, clear, etc.)
  • Add apps to your Wishlist and download them later

You also have the automatic download and installation of game data (obb files), with no manual copying required. Downloaded APK files (Android app files), whether free or purchased, are saved in the device/downloads folder.

You can buy apps, books, music or movies directly from your device. Even if you remove a purchased application, when you re-install it again using the same Google account, you won’t pay any extra charges. You can use credit card, prepaid card, PayPal, Google Gift cards, etc. for buying paid apps and content and in-app purchases.

Paid subscriptions (monthly/yearly/other) are also supported, so you can subscribe to your favorite podcast, magazine or periodical through Play Store.