Play Store Download for PC

As we all know, Google Play Store is the best place in the world to download Android apps, media, books and all kinds of digital content. This market place has exceeded all expectations with its success and fame. Non-Android users would not be using the Play Store in most cases, but for anyone who owns an Android device, Google Play has become an essential tool to download any kind of content on their devices: applications, mobile games, books, magazines, movies, and complete discographies of their favorite artists.


On the other hand, if you do not have any mobile Android device (i.e. no smartphone or tablet) or you would like to run the same apps and play the games you have on your Android device on your PC, would it be possible for you to enjoy the wide range of apps and games offered by Google Play? Would you be able to download and install Google Play on your PC? Especially being that we all know that Google Play Store is for Android devices only? The answer is YES, absolutely YES! You can download Play Store on your computer and enjoy any of the games and apps this market offers on the big screen. Simply install an emulator for the Android operating system, and enjoy Play Store on your PC! (See below for a list of recommended free Android emulator programs).

Installing an Android emulator is simple and easy; it can be installed just like any other program on your computer and allow you to use all kinds of Android apps and games using Windows OS. It perfectly emulates the “looks” of an Android device to your computer, so you basically trick your PC into thinking it’s running Android OS. Pretty neat, right?

How to Download Play Store App on PC

Generally, Android emulators include a system that makes it possible to download applications from the same program that operates Play Store on Android devices. This system uses the computer’s mouse and keyboard as if you were using the touchscreen of your mobile phone or tablet.

The response of these emulators for Windows, which allows you to install Google Play Store on your PC, is absolutely perfect, even for running apps or games that need the accelerometer that simulates the same process of an Android device. The possibility to synchronize the emulator in your PC with your Android Smartphone is another awesome feature among those that make their emulators an integral tool; you can access every application you have on your phone from your PC, and run it on the computer’s larger screen.

After installing the emulator on your PC and then downloading Play Store, you can log in using your Gmail account and start browsing, searching and choosing whatever you desire from the store and start downloading, and enjoy your favorite games and media on your computer’s screen!

Downloading Play Store for PC

Google Play Store is the official market from Google, formerly known as Android Market. It’s the No.1 digital market in the world for Android device content; you can search and download limitless apps, games, movies, music, magazines, e-books and more do make your time with your device fun, enjoyable and useful.

To get access to this awesome app on your PC, all you have to do is download the Play Store APK file (free download link included in this post) to your computer after installed the Android emulator program. There are lots of different emulators available for PC; a few of the free programs that have been rated the best include Andy, Bluestacks, droid4x, Genymotion, and Nox. After installing your preferred program onto your PC, open it so that it’s running while you install the Play Store APK file that you downloaded. You’ll make your life easier if you pay attention to where you save the APK file when you start the download process – if you’re not sure where to look, it will usually end up in your PC’s “downloads” folder. Open the file to launch the installation/setup wizard, and the program and your computer will walk you through the rest of the steps.

After that, all you need is to have a Gmail account, which you will use to log in to the Play Store just like you would on a real Android device. The rest is up to you – you’re welcome to choose and download the best apps, explore new apps and much more, all on the comfort of your PC’s larger screen, mouse and keyboard. Make sure to read customer reviews to discover more about the apps you are about to download, and keep in mind that some apps and games might behave a little differently or look a bit weird when they’re blown up onto your big computer screen (they were designed for mobile screens, after all).