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How to Download Google Play on Apple Devices (iOS, MAC)


First of all, let’s talk about the differences between iOS and Android. Don’t worry; I’d rather talk about the things we all see, instead of telling you about numbers and statistics or all the technical mumbo jumbo that only app developers can actually understand.

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Although iOS is great, organized, and safe, you can’t download any apps or updates from any store for your Apple device other than the iTunes App Store. The process of having new apps or updating existing ones is restricted through the App Store, and this makes the operation a little difficult for some users. Furthermore, the App Store is restricted in some countries and you can’t access it easily there. So, you could face a real problem when you decide to update the device’s iOS and apps, or download new apps.

Conversely, Android is really easier to operate, and accessing Play Store is much easier, and in spite of the fact that Android is restricted in some countries, users can get their apps from other available markets. There is yet another variation we may consider as an extra point for Android, which is that many of the apps in the iTunes App Store are paid, while in the Google Play Store, they can be found for free.

iOS system is the operating system for iPhones and iPads from Apple ONLY, while Android is the operating system used on practically every other mobile device on the market today.


How to download Google Play for Apple (iPhone, iPad, etc.)?

First, you will need to disable the restriction on iOS software on your Apple device; this is done through jailbreaking your device by using software exploits. Using jailbreaking enables root access to the file system and manager of iOS that enables you to download extra apps, themes and extensions which are not available through the App Store. So, you have to choose the one that operates on the platform of your Apple device from a trusted source and download it onto your Apple device. After that, you have to install it.

Secondly, you need to install Cydia, which is a package manager application for iOS Apple devices. It enables you to find and install packages of software on jailbroken iPhones or iPads. Then, sling Cydia from screen, tap on “Manage sources” button, tap on “Edit”, and check “Add”.

After that, put the web address of Cydia and install it and Bootlace (which is an app for iOS devices that enables the installation of iDroid and OpeniBoot). Then, set up the settings of OpeniBoot.

Setting up Google Play Store on Apple iOS

You can now download Play Store for Apple devices by following these steps:

First, run Bootlace, reboot your iPhone, and wait a while for it to boot again. Then, open iBoot, and now you can install Google Play Store from Bootlace.

Secondly, install iDroid, then tap the iDroid button, open iBoot and press “OK”. This will probably take a while to download onto your Apple device. You’ll have to have a little patience. iDroid is the customized Android running on iOS system for Apple devices.

Once you complete the installation of iDroid, you have the Android system on your iPhone or iPad devices and you can enjoy whatever Android has to offer you. Now, search for Play Store App, then download and install it on your Apple iOS device. After that, boot your iPad or iPhone device with Android operating system, and access the apps that Google Play Store has for you and explore all its features and offers.

How to use Google Play Store for iPhone

If you don’t already have an account to use with Play Store, use your Gmail account to log in. If you are completely new to Android and Play Store and don’t have Gmail yet, go get a new Gmail account right now.

After signing in to Play Store, you will be stunned by this great digital realm! You will explore an unlimited variety of Android digital content: applications, games, music, videos, movies, books, magazines and more! You will never be lost due to the organization of Google Play Store, and you’ll be able to get whatever you want according to category, or you can search the top charts, new releases and editor’s choice to get the best, most recent and trending apps.