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How to clear Play Store cache


The Google Play Store is one of the main applications on every smartphone or tablet that uses Android as the operating system, since it offers its users the guarantee of obtaining applications free of malicious software, which is quite common to find in applications installed from third parties.  So, without a doubt, this application is essential on your Android phone.

You have noticed that with the passage of time and the use you make of your phone, the Google Play Store will begin to accumulate data and app cache, which reduces the available space in the internal storage of your Android smartphone or tablet. That’s why, in this article, we will teach you how to clear Play Store cache to free up space on your storage.


How to delete data and clear cache from Google Play Store

In advance, we will tell you that you will not get much free space by cleaning the cache of the Google Play Store, but it will help you to solve some errors or small bugs of the Play Store, in case it was presenting it.

To clear the cache of the Play Store and/or delete data, follow these steps:

Step #1: enter the settings or configuration of your device by touching its icon


Step #2: once inside the settings of your device, search for and access Applications, Manage Apps or Application Manager.

Step #3: select All applications to display the menu with all applications installed and downloaded on your Android phone or tablet.

Step #4: search and select from the list of applications Google Play Store.



Step #5: once inside the information of the application Google Play Store, select the option Storage and Clear Cache.


Step #6: if you want to get even more space, you can also select the Delete Data option in the same menu as the previous step.

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Remember that every Android device, according to his version, can present are some variants or names slightly different in the settings menu. However, in general terms the procedure is the same.