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Google Play Store Download Free


There are a few reasons why you might need to download Google Play Store, but fortunately you can use the same free Play Store download no matter what the reason is.


Why would you need to download Google Play Store? Don’t all Androids have it already?

In a perfect world, no one would need to download Google Play Store manually, but as we don’t live in a perfect world, sometimes situations come up that make a person want or need to do a free Google Play Store download.


There are lots of different reasons why a person might need to download Google Play Store, even though we think of it as an app that should automatically come with all Android devices. And although it’s a low-maintenance app that will update itself periodically, some geographic regions, carriers or devices get kicked to the end of the queue for automatic updates, and downloading Play Store yourself can eliminate the waiting time.

Device was rooted

The device was rooted and had system apps like Google Play Store uninstalled, and the owner wants to re-install Play Store.

Clone device

The device is a clone device and didn’t come with Play Store downloaded in the first place because it wasn’t licensed by Google.


Issues with a new version of Google Play Store

You’re having issues with a new version of Play Store and want to download a previous version.

Lastest version of Google Play Store

You want a free download of the latest version of Play Store before it’s scheduled to update automatically on your device.

How to download Google Play Store free

If you’ve never downloaded an application from the Internet before – and by that I mean, from anywhere other than the Play Store – this process is going to feel a little weird, but it’s not that complicated and I’m going to walk you through each and every step of the process.

All Android applications have the file extension .apk, which is why they’re often referred to as APK files. Since we want to download Play Store, which is an app for Android, what we’re actually going to be downloading is a free Google Play Store APK file. It’s the exact same application that would normally come on an Android device – you’re just getting it from somewhere else.

play store

The first and most important thing you need to do, before you even download the Play Store APK file, is enable “unknown sources” on your Android. “Unknown sources” means allowing your device to install applications that you found somewhere other than the Play Store.

By default, it’s turned off for security reasons. To turn it on, go to your device’s Security Settings, which is usually under the “General” tab in the Settings menu. Scroll down until you find “unknown sources”, and check the box next to this option.

Downloading the Google Play Store APK file

The rest of the process is a lot like downloading a new program onto your computer. Basically, you’re going to find a download link for the app you need (in this case, Google Play Store), click on it to download, open the file and install it.

In this web you can find a free download link for Google Play Store that is 100% safe (there are some shady sites out there that sneak malware into their APK files, so don’t go downloading from just anyone). Make sure you’re using the actual device you want to install Play Store on (i.e. your Android smartphone or tablet), tap on the download link and “Save” the file to start downloading the free Play Store file to your device.

You’ll see the download in the top notification bar. Wait for the download to finish, which may take a few seconds or a couple minutes depending on your internet connection.

In most cases, when the download is finished you’ll be able to open the Google Play Store file by tapping the notification. If it’s not there, it most likely went to your device’s “Downloads” folder, and you can open it from there.

Opening the Play Store APK file will take you to the Android Package Installer app. Tap “Install”, and the program will take care of the rest. Once the installation has finished, a shortcut for Play Store will be created on your home screen just like it would for any other app you installed. To go to the Play Store, just tap on the shortcut.

The first time you open Play Store after downloading, you may have to sign in with your Google account. After that, there is literally no difference between the “normal” Play Store and the one you just downloaded. Have fun!


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I want to download play store on my computer how can i do?


Thank you, I need to download play store on my pc for me to have the necessary learning materials needed for my students/learners who. This will increase more participation in classroom engagement.


need to download play store on my laptop so i can join a teleconference.


how i download play on my computer,to enable my student access to materials for an effective research and studies


You can to read this article:


Hello, Google play store team
Good afternoon i hope this email/messages founds you doing well
and healthy,
So im kindly and humble requesting you to grant me this opportunity to use and have the app for google play store on my pc .
thanks in-advance.