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Google Play Store Download for Tablet


If you have a working Android tablet, you will need to install some applications on your device to get maximum use and enjoyment out of it, from productivity apps that can be quite useful to games that are just plain fun. There are certainly a great many sites and various markets on the web where you can find and download most of the apps you need.

But Google Play Store is the official one for Android, where you can download virtually unlimited apps and media easily with complete safety. It’s a heck of a lot easier than manually downloading application files from the Internet, and you can enjoy the wonderful features of Play Store app.


Play Store is the one place where you will find thousands options for Android content: apps, media, movies, entertainment, TV shows, magazines, newsstand and much more! You can find it all in one official place. If you need to download Play Store on your tablet, you’ve come to the right place.

How to download Google Play Store on Android tablets

Most Android devices, including tablets, have Google Play Store pre-installed in it. If it is, it should be fairly obvious with an icon somewhere on your home screen or in your app drawer, if you have one. You can also check this in the settings on your tablet in the “Manage apps” section. If the Play Store app is missing on your device, it may be hidden somewhere; you may need to turn off and restart your tablet to find the app.

If you can’t find it anywhere, you’ll need to figure out if your tablet is compatible with Play Store before you try to download it. Go back into your settings and look for the operating system version. If your tablet’s system is running on Android 2.3 or above, then you can get the Google Play Store free download for your tablet. Most tablets that exist these days are compatible with Play Store (older tablets will have to use Android Market instead).


To get Play Store on your tablet, you will need to install the Play Store APK; this site provides you with a link to download the latest version of the Google Play Store APK file for free, so you can search for it directly from your Android tablet to install it on your device directly, or by using a computer and then transferring the APK file to your tablet with a USB cable.


To be able to download files from sites other than Google Play Store directly on your device, you need to go to Settings – Security – and enable the “Unknown sources” option (to keep your device safe and secured, disable this option directly after the installation of APK file is complete).

Tap on the link to download the Google Play Store app to your tablet, and then go to “Downloads” and select the Play Store APK file. You will be given a note to read the permissions and install the app after accepting them.

You can also use your computer to download the free Play Store APK file to your tablet, and you need to allow the “Unknown sources” option in your tablet’s settings for this method, too. Download the file to your computer, and then use the USB cable to connect your tablet to the computer and copy the APK to it. Launch the Play Store APK file and accept the permissions to start using the Google Play Store app on your tablet.

Play Store Download for Tablet

It is essential that you install the free Google Play Store APK from trusted sites. And before downloading Play Store on your tablet, you should read user’s feedback to make sure that the app will work properly (we know our files work, but can’t speak for the other guys).

Using the Google Play Store app on Android tablets

You’ll be able to access the app’s content whenever you want on your Android tablet once you have the Play Store installed. You can enjoy your favorite media, music, movies & books, and an enormous variety of different apps and games as you desire. No need for cables to transfer files – you can download apps, media and games directly on your tablet from the Play Store.

When you first launch the Play Store app on your tablet, you will need to log in using your Google account, so if you don’t have one yet, head over to the Gmail site where you can create one in the blink of an eye!

Once you are logged in, you can start exploring, searching and downloading all apps, games and media that are compatible with your tablet.

You can manage the app’s settings to make it easier for you to download and enjoy apps on your Android tablet – just set everything the way that suits you, such as visibility of apps that contain mature subject matter or controlling the in-app purchase options.