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How to Update Your Google Play Store

As you already know, Google Play Store is the official market for Android content from Google. It’s the best and most secure way to get any kind of Android digital content such as mobile games, apps, media, movies, books, magazines and much more.

Just like any other application, Play Store releases new updates every now and then, and if you don’t get the updates your app won’t be working as well as it could and you might even have problems using it. Plus, Google periodically adds really cool new features that make the Play Store even better. So, you’ll have to update your Google Play Store; there are a few ways to get the updates, but all of them just require a few simple steps to get it done.

How to update Play Store           

Tapping on “Update now”

The first way to get Play Store up to date is easy; you can simply go to the settings of your Android device, go to the last option in the settings menu which is “About”. Here, you will find another menu, the first option of which will be “Updates”; tap on it, and you’ll have three options to manage the updates as suits you.

Tapping on “Update now” will download all the available updates for all the main apps of the device, including Google Play Store. They might take some time according to your Internet connection speed, the volume of the updates and the number of the apps that have to be updated.

Keep in mind, though, that there may be new versions of Play Store that have been released but haven’t been made available to your device yet. Every time an update comes out, your device is queued up to get its updates when its turn comes up, which will be determined according to where you live and your device type and OS version.

Turn on “Automatic Updates”

The second option would be to turn on “Automatic Updates” which will make your Android look for available updates automatically and download them as they become available. This has the same problem of the first method, since your device might not have access to the latest version as soon as it is released.

Logo Play Store

Tap on the three line icon at the top left

A third way to grab the Google Play Store updates your device needs is pretty simple; just go to the the Play Store App and tap on the three line icon at the top left, and a slide-out menu of options will open. Just select “Settings”, scroll all the way down and you’ll see “Build Version”. Just tap on it.

You’ll get a note that there is a new version that needs to be installed if your existing one needs to be updated. Tap “OK” and the update will be installed. To make sure the version is the latest available on your device, go back to settings, where you should now see a new build number that is different from the one you had before.

If you tap on the “Build Version” again, you should get a popup saying that the “Google Play Store is up to date”. As with the first two methods, however, your device might say it’s up to date when there is actually a more recent version that hasn’t been made available to your particular device or region yet.

Updating Google Play Store with APK file

Finally, there is one more way to update your Google Play Store, and this is the only way that lets you jump to the front of the line and get an update that Google or your cell carrier hasn’t made available to you yet. It’s quite simple: download the most recent APK file of the Play Store from a trusted website, like ours, and install it over the current version.

It’s fairly easy, and if you get the file from us, it’s 100% safe for your device. This method will ensure you get the update that is really the latest version, not just the latest update that your wireless service decided you should have access to.

There is just one small thing you have to do to make sure the APK file will be installed properly. Before installing, go to your Android device’s settings, find the security section and scroll until you see the option called “Unknown Sources”. If this isn’t turned on, turn it on – this will give you device permission to install an app that didn’t come from the Play Store itself.

Updating other apps using the Play Store

The Play Store app has a really practical option for updating all the apps you install on your device. Just go to the Play Store settings, and then choose the first option “App Automatic Updates”. You will be given the choice to keep the automatic updates off, turn them on, or turn them on using Wi-Fi only, which will save your mobile data consumption.