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GOOGLE Play Store for Archos


ARCHOS is a renowned electronics firm that was founded in 1988 to serve tech lovers all over the world with wonderful electronic products, and portable media players were the first among these products. But the company recently has focused its efforts on smartphones and tablets.

In fact, the company has already released many mobile series, such as the Archos Xenon, Archos Cesium, Archos Oxygen, Archos Helium and Archos Diamond. All of these happen to be smartphones or tablets that are running on the Android operating system from Google.


Well, if you have noticed that your Android Archos tablet doesn’t have Google Play Store installed, don’t freak out, as there are a few reasons for that problem. This could have happened if, for example, your tablet was bought at a very low price from China; in other words, it may be a clone device, which means the tablet is not an official Google device.

This could cause it to not have the normal default apps on it, like Play Store. If you purchased a secondhand tablet, it may have been rooted by the previous owner, and they might have deleted the app from the device.

Whatever the problem is, after reading this post, you will be able to re-install it and then use your new Play Store to get all the other apps your device might be missing.


How to download Google Play Store for Archos

The first step we have to do is check that your tablet’s version of Android operating system is compatible with Google Play. Your tablet needs to be on Android OS 2.3 or newer if you want to download Play Store. Most Archos and other devices that have come out in the past 5 years will have a compatible version of Android OS, but just to be sure, you can check your operating system version through Settings by going to “About Device”.

If it’s less than 2.3, you can try to force it to upgrade to a newer version; however, some tablets are too old to do this. That’s okay! If your tablet can’t operate 2.3 or higher, I advise you to follow these steps, but you won’t be downloading Play Store.

Instead, you’ll be downloading its predecessor, which was called Android Market. But for those of you with Archos tablets running Android OS version 2.3 or higher, you will be able to easily download Google Play Store.



Secondly, you have to change the security settings on your tablet in order to install the Google Play Store app (or Android Market for tablets running less than version 2.3) from another source (i.e. not from the Play Store).

You can change the security settings by going to Settings again, then to Security, and check “Allow installing apps from unknown sources”. As you want to install your version of Play Store app from an external source (from our site, for example), this step is important. You won’t be able to install the Play Store APK file if you don’t change your security settings this way.

Installing Google Play Store for Archos

Next, you need to open your Internet browser and navigate back to this post, find the Play Store APK file, then click download and wait for the download to finish. When it’s complete, you will receive a notification in the notifications bar.

After you complete the download, you can open the file up by tapping on the download notification that we have already mentioned above. After that, you can install Google Play Store by following the instructions that will be displayed on the screen.

Now you’ve got it! It’s very simple. As soon as you have the Play Store APK file installed on your Archos tablet, you’re ready to enjoy all of its features and search for the best apps, games, music, films, and more.

It is worth mentioning that Archos does serve their own application library called “AppsLib”. AppsLib offers its users a great number of applications and games.

Now, in my opinion, it’s almost like they have simply built a new front end to Google’s official marketplace and they filtered out certain titles which Google is restricting access to depending on a specific hardware base line. It’s okay, but if you want the most complete app market, having Play Store on your Archos is a must.


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