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How to sign out of Google Play Store?


Google Play Store stands as one of the preferred application download managers for Android users. Usually, this application is installed by default on any smartphone whose operating system is Android, so to start enjoying all its benefits, simply log in with your Google account.

However, when you want to sign out of the Google Play Store, this can become complex and tedious. That is why in the following article we will explain you in detail as logging in Google Play Store.



How to log out of Play Store

How to sign out of Google Play Store on Android

The first thing you should know is that it is not possible to log out of the Google Play Store, since once the application has been associated with a Google account it is not possible. However, what other can do is remove and therefore desynchronized Google account with Google Play Store application. Next, we show you how to delete your Google account on Android:

Step # 1: Enter the settings or configuration of your device. You can access it through the application drawer of your Android or by displaying the menu at the top of the screen and touching its icon respectively

Step # 2Once inside, touch Accounts to access the menu where all the accounts you have signed in with on your Android phone are displayed. Keep in mind that in some interfaces of some smartphones the Accounts menu may appear under another name, but almost always the name alludes to it.


Step # 3: Tap the Google icon to specifically access the Google accounts you are signed in to on your Android smartphone.

Step # 4: Tap the account you want to close and un-sync from your device.

Step # 5: Tap the three vertical points, found in the upper right corner, to display the options menu for synchronized Google accounts.

Step # 6: Tap Delete account to finally close the active session of your Google account on your Android phone. Keep in mind that, when you touch this option, a confirmation pop-up will appear, which you must also accept by touching Remove account.

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How to sign out of Google Play Store on Windows or Mac

Step # 1: Go to in the web browser of your choice.

Step # 2: Click on your profile photo, located in the upper right corner of the website, to display the options menu.

Step # 3: Finally, click sign out to end your active Google account session from the Google Play website.

How to sign out of Google Play Store on Amazon Kindle Fire

Amazon Kindle Fire does not have the Google Play Store installed by default and, in case you want to install, this will require a series of fairly complex steps.

However, if you have already done so and want to close your Google Play session, then you should know that the steps are the same as on an Android phone, which we have described at the beginning of the article.