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Google Play Store for Alcatel


Alcatel may not be the most famous tech company in town, but they have tons of great smartphones and tablets that are worth taking a second look at. This company, a combination of Alcatel-Lucent (France) and TCL (China), manufactures mobile devices with some of the best tech specs on the market today.

If you’ve heard of the POP and Pixi product lines, you might be surprised to know that those are developed by Alcatel! The majority of Alcatel devices run on Android OS (a few smartphones run on the new Firefox OS and a few tablets use Windows), with the newer models running on the extremely powerful Android 6.0 Marshmallow.



Why download Google Play Store for Alcatel?

If you’re using one of the many Android-powered Alcatel devices, then it should have come ready “out of the box” with all the standard Google apps, including Google Play Store. But there are a few reasons why you might need to download Play Store on your Alcatel phone or tablet.

For example, if you bought a deeply discounted device online, it could have been a Chinese clone device, which wouldn’t come with the right system apps.

If your device was secondhand, it’s possible that the previous owner rooted the device and then got a little carried away and wiped Play Store from the device.


Sometimes you just have problems with a particular version, and they can be fixed by side-loading a different version of Google Play over the existing one. Whatever the reason, downloading Play Store on an Alcatel device is quite simple.

Google Play Store for Alcatel smartphones

Right now, the crème de la crème of Alcatel phones are the POP4 Plus and the ICON4 and 4S. All of these models have plenty of memory and processing power to install and run all of your favorite apps from the Play Store without missing a beat.

They have an impressive 13 Mpx main camera, except the ICON 4S which takes mobile photography to the next level with a 16 Mpx main camera, and 8 Mpx front cameras on all models.


You know what that means… you’re going to need apps like Instagram, SnapChat, Vine, and maybe even some high-end video editing apps. And since these models all run on Android, the best place to get them is the Google Play Store.

Google Play Store for Alcatel tablets

If you love mobile games with the best graphics, or simply need a tablet that can do everything your laptop can do, Alcatel’s newest tablet models are just the thing. The Pixi 4 and POP 7S are the ones to look for these days. Their 7-inch screen is the perfect size for a compact tablet, and you’re looking at a minimum of 1.2GHz of processing power in a quad-core processor.

So feel free to leave your social apps running in the background while you play some Clash Royale, Mobile Strike, or any of the latest hit games in the Play Store – these Alcatel tablets are designed for heavy lifting.

How to download Google Play Store on Alcatel

If your knowledge of Android devices is somewhat advanced, all you’re looking at is a simple APK download and side-load to your device. If that last sentence sounded like Greek to you, here are some step by step instructions to install Google Play Store on any Alcatel device with Android OS:

  1. Use the browser on your Alcatel to navigate to this article
  2. Find the Play Store APK download link
  3. Tap the link to download the official Play Store application file for free
  4. If you get a popup asking to save or open, tap on “Save”
  5. Go to your Alcatel device’s security settings
  6. Find “Unknown sources” and make sure the box is checked
  7. When the APK file is downloaded, tap on the “Download complete” notification
  8. The Play Store file should open in Android Package Installer
  9. Tap the “Install” button
  10. Accept the permissions that Google Play Store wants access to on your device
  11. Wait for the installation to finish
  12. Open Play Store on your Alcatel, and go crazy finding new apps and games to put on your awesome (and highly underappreciated) device!

See? I told you it was simple.


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