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Download Google Play Store on Huawei

Huawei Chinese smartphones do not support Google Play store and its apps directly. This is because for China, Huawei has a region specific app store in Chinese where the apps can be downloaded like Play Store. However, Google Apps and Play Store services are not present in this App Store for download. So people who are used to work with these Apps find it difficult to adjust.

With Android one of the main advantage is that there is always a solution which developers can create and overcome these restrictions. Here, we’ll discuss the various methods mentioned below on how to install Google Play Store on Chinese Huawei smartphones.

How to Install Google Play Store on Chinese Huawei Smartphones

Install Google Play store using VPN

This is very simple and straight forward method. In some of the Huawei smartphones in China, if the location of the incoming ip address is masked the phone will allow you to install Google apps without any region restriction. So first download Gapps bundle.

Gapps is nothing but a bundle of core google apps like Play Store, Gmail, Drive etc. Next, use a decent VPN service and establish the connection. Once VPN is active, just install the apps using the Gapps bundle. After successful install, you can now access Play Store in your Huawei smartphone.

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Install Play Store using Google Installer app

If the first option of using VPN didn’t work out, the next approach is to try installing the Google Installer. Google Installer apk consist of Google Play services and “contact sync” which are essential components to install Google Play Store on a device. Without Services app, Play Store will not run. Please find below steps to do the same:

  1. First, download Google Installer apk from sites like or perform google search to find one.
  2. Before installing, Go to Settings -> Advanced Settings -> Security -> Here, Check on “Download from Unknown source” option in your device.
  3. Now install the Google Installer apk. Do the setup activity as instructed.
  4. After successful install, download and install the latest version of Google Play Store compatible to your device.
  5. Open Play store and enter your account details to start using it.

Install Play Store using GMS Installer method

This option should be taken only if the first two methods failed. If the install using Google Installer method failed, you most probably would have got an error message like “Install Core GMS packages” in your screen. If you had encountered this, it means the device is locked internally at root level.

Download Google Play Store on Huawei

Please follow the below steps to overcome this and install Play Store:

  1. Download GMS Installer compatible to your Huawei phone by searching the Internet.
  2. Enable the “Download from unknown source” option as explained in previous method.
  3. Then, install the GMS installer apk which was downloaded earlier.
  4. Repeat the 4th and 5th step from previous method to gain access to Play Store.
  5. In case, if you face any error or issue during the process it’s highly recommended to reset your Chinese Huawei smartphone and perform flash recovery in it.
  6. Again perform the steps from 1 to 3, now you should be able to access Google Play Store successfully.

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