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Google Play Store 6.1.12

Google Play Store is the official App from Google to get access to the largest database of certified Apps, Games and content for Android devices. Although there are other options to get Apps, Play Store is the only certified distributor and with it you can always be sure you are downloading safe Apps.

Logo Play Store

This App is completely essential in all your Android Devices, so we encourage you to download it, and, of course, to always keep it updated. Usually this App comes by default with your fresh Android Device, but sometimes we may want to force the update (or install previous versions), and in such cases we will require the Google Play Store APK.


    What’s new on Google Play Store 6.1.12?

    We encourage you to always keep the Play Store App updated. The newest update is version 6.1.12. In this version there are few changes including:

    New Redeem Icon

    • The icon has been modified.

    Bug fixes

    • The App Spinner should not freeze anymore.
    • The App size should now be displayed correctly (before it showed a smaller size than the actual one).