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The Innovations of Google Play Store 7.3.07


This store, while it is true that it is the center of all applications and Android games, is the fascinating application that it is considered the reference to Google Play Store. It has improved a lot since the last two years, and now it is a great place to find something for your device.

google play


Android works to have fun or just to find something different related to tools and utilities. The application Google Play Store 7.3.07 is shown now with frequent updating, which guarantees having more stability, as well as safety in all Android tablets and cellphones. The application of this special store for this OS can be easily updated.


The entire process can be done from the Play Store itself, but you can also download this Google Play Store directly from other external links, that can be distinguished from one version to another at the moment to update the Google Play instantly.


New video games and apps



The official Play Store 7.3.07 developer has maintained the original essence, and the good functions. Now, with the launching of new games and applications that are available for you to enhance your range of entertainment you wish to have at just a glance.


You will also see the improvements on the interface and the speed at the moment of searching, downloading, and playing in each of the applications. You can bet yourself now that with this new version of Google Play, you will see all the improvements in how it works.


This application is much faster, and best of all, it is totally free through its official page, and among other links with total validation.


How to use Google Play Music in version 7.3.07


With Google Play Music, you can listen to your favorite songs and stock your music collection. You also can create playlists and listen to some radio stations, and even more. You can stock up to 50,000 songs of your own personal playlist totally free. To upload music to the cloud, you can use the music administrator or Google Play Music for Chrome. This music administrator is available for Mac, PC and Linux. If you use a Google Chrome browser, or you use a Chromebook, we recommend you to use Google Play Music for Chrome.


Transfer your files to a specific device. To transfer files directly from any device to another specific one, just follow the instructions about how to transfer music from a computer to a device. When you get access to the account you use for Google Play Music, you can listen to music on your computer, mobile device, Android TV, Sonos, or with Android Auto, Android Wear, or Chromecast.


With a subscription to Google Play Music, you can broadcast up to 30 million songs from the Google Play Catalog, without ads. You can also omit all the songs you want and listen to music without connection.


How to download an app in Google Play Store 7.3.07 APK


Step 1 > If you want to download an app on Google Play Store, you have to click on the icon.


Step 2 > Write in the search bar the name of the application that you want to download. Remember that the bar is on the top of the screen. At the time you are typing the name of the app you want to download, a menu will be displayed with suggestions. If any of the options is the name of the app you want to download, you can click on it. Otherwise, at the end of the typing, click on the Search key on your device keyboard or screen.


Step 3 > Google Play Store will show you all the compatible results with your search, including some results for movies, games, music, and books. On the list, look for the application you want to download and click on it.


Step 4 > A screen will open where you will see the app description and the opinions of other users. Click on the Install or the Purchase button in case the app is paid. You can also see the “Free Sample” button that allows you to try the app before buy it.


Step 5 > Accept the terms, conditions, or permissions of the app by clicking the Accept button, and wait until it everything is downloading.


Step 6 > When the installation is done, you are ready to enjoy your new app!