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Play Store 6.7.12.E-all

For quite a while now, all of the new Play Store APK updates that have been released from Google have been fairly unremarkable (which is not the same as unimportant). The latest version to be rolled out, Play Store 6.7.12.E-all, follows this same trend. This update offers up some miscellaneous improvements, bug fixes and other tweaks to improve the speed and stability of the application.

We always recommend that you keep your version of Google Play Store as up to date as possible, even when a new version doesn’t seem particularly exciting, precisely because these bug fixes and performance improvements can make a big difference in an app’s user experience.

You can find a free Play Store 6.7.12.E-all APK download link in this post, along with instructions to download and install the Google Play Store APK on your Android device. Plus, we’ve got some exciting news about upcoming changes to the Play Store, straight from the Google I/O keynote address.


    Downloading Play Store 6.7.12.E-all APK

    As we said, it’s important to keep a recent version of Google Play Store on your device to get the best experience possible. Not to mention, an update released this week might be required if you want to download a more exciting update that comes out, say, next month.

    If you have automatic updates turned on on your Android, your device will probably get in line and wait its turn to get the latest version from Google. The problem with this is, it can take weeks before your device gets its turn, depending on where you live and the type of device and Android OS you use. But no worries – you can jump to the front of the line by downloading the Play Store APK file yourself right now.

    Play Store APK

    First, double check that you have “Unknown sources” enabled on your Android device. If this is your first time doing a manual APK download, this option is found in your smartphone or tablet’s security settings. Make sure the box next to this option is checked – if not, your device will block the Play Store 6.7.12.E-all APK from being installed, since it didn’t originate in the Play Store itself.

    Then, tap on the download link using your Android device, choose “Save” if prompted, and the Play Store 6.7.12.E-all APK will start downloading onto your smartphone or tablet. When it’s finished, you’ll most likely get a notification that you can tap on to open the file in Android Package Installer.

    If not, you can look for it in your “Downloads” folder or find it with a file manager application. Once you’ve opened the file, Android Package Installer will walk you through the final steps to install the Play Store update to your device. You may have to sign in with your Google account the first time you launch the application.

    Family Library is officially coming

    There’s been a good deal of speculation within the Android world about apparent inevitability of the rumored Shared Family Library for the Google Play Store, and we’re excited to announce that Google has officially announced this highly anticipated feature.

    Apple has long allowed multiple family members to use a single copy of a paid item (app, song, movie, etc.), and now Google is finally getting with the program. The feature is scheduled to go live on July 2 of 2016. The official documentation released to app developers isn’t very detailed, but we can deduce quite a bit of information from teardowns of the code in previous Play Store APK files.

    Presumably, Play Store Family Library will be structured like Play Music’s current family plan, where one “family manager” sets a family payment method and invites up to 5 additional family members to share paid Play Store content.

    It appears that family members will be able to buy things from Google Play without prior approval from the family manager, but that restrictions can be put in place for in-app purchases. Because of licensing issues, it also looks like the same movie or TV show won’t be allowed to be watched simultaneously on multiple devices.

    Developers will be able to decide whether apps purchased before July 2 will be retroactively given the option to be added to the family library, and any apps purchased after that date should automatically have that option.

    Anyway, mark your calendars for July 2 and start planning who you want to have in your Play Store “family”. In the meantime, make sure you continue to check for Google Play Store updates, which could be prerequisites for the major update that will most likely usher the Family Library feature into our lives.

    In other news, Google also announced that Play Store and apps will soon become available on Chrome OS (Chromebook), complete with Family Library and everything.

    Play Store 6.7.12.E-all  Download