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How Do I update my Google Play Store


Googe Play Store is basically one of the most important applications we can have on our cellphone if we have Android. This store gives us access to not only very useful, interesting applications (many of them totally for free) but also access to books, videos, etc. In terms of types of applications, it would be senseless to start naming one by one, as it would become a never-ending task, but it is worth mentioning that they range from video games to weather or running applications. Not only does the Goolgle Play Store provide us with fun apps to play with, but also useful ones for our daily life.

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Sometimes our Goolge Play Store will not update automatically, and downloading it manually is not a common option for Android, as it is not an application you can find on the Store itself.

Two options, then, lie ahead: either downloading an APK of Google Play Store, or somehow getting it through an official update.

If we want to download an APK, we need to find a website where we can download the app from. One of the, perhaps, safest webpages where to download an APK is APK Mirror, as it is a well-established, well-known webpage which contains software free of malware, in contrast to other webpages which whose software may pose a potential threat to your phone.


Once you have downloaded your APK, you will need to install it yourself. First, you will need to go to “Settings” -> Security, and then tap on Unknown Sources (do not panic, Unknown Sources means, sources outside of the Play Store network). Than tap on the app installer and tap OK on “this type of file can harm your device.” (I promise you will be ok). Once the installer pops up, just tap “install” and then you will have the app ready to go in a few seconds.

However, let’s explore some other potential options. Although Google APK apps can be really useful, these may bring along some setbacks. First, we need to look for an updated version to replace the older one. Second, these APK apps will not last long and you will soon need an update which, again, will not be prompted automatically through the APK. Last but not least, you need to be really careful where you are downloading the app from, as there is no guarantee your APK will be free of any malware.

Taking all these cons into consideration, it is worth exploring a different idea. So, there is, in fact, a way to update your own Google Store without needing to resort to external sources. It is, indeed, well known that Google Play Store does update itself automatically once in a while on our cellphone. However, we will provide you with specific instructions on how to update it yourself with a few single step that will require no more than tinkering a bit with your phone settings. Yes! As you just read, you will not need to download any extra software, but just tap a few times on your phone to get to a specific section in it.

First thing you have to do is open the Google Play Store. On top of the page, to the left, you will see the hamburger (three line-icon). You will need to click it, to have the menu drop down. Then, you need to tap on “Settings” (which is between “Redeem” and “Help”).

Once you are in the “Settings” section, you will see a “Build version” at the bottom of the screen ( with some numbers which indicate which version your Google Play Store is). All you need to do is tap on it and, if there is any newer version of Google Play Store. This will be downloaded and installed right there. When you tap on it, you will get a message box that says “ A new version of Google Play Store will be downloaded and installed”. You just need to tap ok and enjoy.

After a few minutes, if there is a new version of Google Play Store, the new version will have been downloaded and installed. If you go back to “Settings”, you should be able to see a different number in the Build version, which indicates the new version has been installed successfully. Besides you would also get a popup telling that “Google Play Store is up to date”.

Today we have provided two different options to update your Google Play Store. Hope you enjoy and make use of them. As we mentioned later in the post, updating your Google Play Store directly from your phone might sometimes have a few more benefits, depending, of course , on the situation.


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