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Whats on Google Play Store?


Google Play Store is the official marketplace where we get all the apps we need for any Android device. But actually, Google Play Store is way more than just a market for apps; you’ll also find movies, music, magazines, e-books, and more. But wait! That’s not all! This app helps you manage your device as well.


Content in the Play Store


You can find all the apps you already know or have heard of, in addition to millions of other apps that you haven’t. You can easily check the new releases and read their reviews to decide whether you would give them a try or not.



You can listen to and download whatever you desire. Choose your favorite artist or band, genre, new tracks, big classics, etc. You can also check the new releases, top charts, and stay up to date.


There is a wide variety of e-books on Google Play Store. If you are a good reader, and can’t spend any time without reading something you love, keep up with Google Play, enjoy the best books and pick whatever you want from a very long list. Get the most recent novels, comics, textbooks, romance and more – millions of them, just one tap away.


Google Play offers you subscriptions to magazines, web feeds, and server-generated topical feeds. You can have access all the news and magazines that you care about. Get breaking news and in-depth articles with audio, videos and more about sports, business, cooking, entertainment, fashion and more. You can find some for free and some are paid on a subscription basis.



Explore thousands of movies, top charts and the latest releases. All the best movies and TV series are in the Play Store! You have a wide variety to choose your favorite movies and shows among thousands. Search for your favorite type of movies: comedy, action, thriller, romance, etc., and find your favorite actors as well.

What else can I do with Google Play Store?

The Google Play Store app has many features that makes your life easier. It helps you manage the apps on your device without investing a lot of time or effort. Here are some of those features:

Auto update your apps

Google Play Store allows you to turn on/off auto-update apps, and you can adjust that as it suits you. Leave auto-update on to update your apps at any time, make them restricted to Wi-Fi network connection, or turn it off.

google play

You can prevent certain apps from being auto-updated, and that is done from inside the app’s page on Play Store; just un-tick “Auto-update”.

Make and edit your wishlist

Google Play Store has a cool feature for your wish list; it looks like a “Save for later” feature. You can add whatever content you like: apps, games, movies, books, etc. to your wish list in case you need to delay downloading this content for some other time.

It’s also very useful for paid apps that you want; you can add them to your wish list and wait for any discounts or special offers that Google Play runs from time to time, so you either pay less or, sometimes, get it totally for free.

Browse through various categories and filter your searches

Brows Play Store via “Categories” to find the specific type of app or games or any other content you are looking for.

When you make a search on Play Store, you will get filters by price and ratings, or filter the results according to the type of content: app, game, movie or book.

Use fingerprint authentication for purchases

If you have an Android device that has a fingerprint scanner, you can use it to authenticate purchases instead of typing your Google account password each time.

Become a beta tester

If you want to get early access to new features and developments of an app, go join the beta testers. There are two kinds of beta apps, open and closed. You can access the open beta apps and install them easily, but you need to subscribe if you want to get access to the closed beta apps.

Check your registered devices

If you have used a single Google account on many Android devices, then they could all remain registered to this account. You have the ability to manage those registered devices in the Google Play Store. Check the list of devices, edit their names or remove the check on the “Show in menus” option to prevent the device from showing up in the list when you install an app.

SUMMARY: There are still more and more features in the Google Play Store app. Once you get used to the app and learn how to take full advantage of it, you will certainly enjoy the most amazing experience ever using it. If your Android doesn’t have Play Store installed, you can download it manually right from our site!


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