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How do I get Google Play on my Chromebook?


During the first quarter of 2016, the Chromebook has sold nearly 2 million units in the United States, thus surpassing the 1.76 million Macs sold during the same period.



On the other hand, it has not yet caught up with Windows machines. But we should clarify that Chromebooks have gotten several of their features thanks to joint manufacturers such as Dell, HP and Lenovo, who have managed to have an important participation in the US colleges where they are already the laptop used by the students. This is mainly because of the low cost presented for this device in comparison with other devices with the same features.

However, the involvement of Chromebooks outside of the United States is still unknown, something that would help to understand if the situation is the same in other regions, or if it’s exclusive to the United States.

Google Play Store for Chromebook


We knew that sooner or later Google Play would come to Chrome OS, and we can finally say that it is now available in a stable release for some users. Now, all the apps and games you love from the Play Store will be able to run on a Chromebook with total normality, but you need to have the latest updated stable version.

Fair warning: if you have Chromecast, you might not enjoy this new version. This goes a little bit slower, but some computers could be left out. It is a display that is going slowly because Google is limiting the release for the time being. Here, we’ll show you the Chromebook devices compatible with Google Play Store as of this writing.

Chromebooks compatible with Play Store:

  • Asus Flip
  • Acer R11
  • Pixel 2015 (coming soon)

These computers are the first to test the beta version of Google Play.

How do I enable the Play Store on Chromebook?

You can enable it from the settings of the Chrome page, but you will need version 53.0.2785.12 or newer in order for it to work.

Even if you have one of these Chromebooks, remember that it comes turned off by default with the Play Store. The first thing you have to do is upgrade to version 53.0.2785.12. Then, you will need to enable the Play Store in your Chrome Settings. This is quite easy to do; the option is the following:

Google Play Store (beta). You will have to click on “Enable Google Play Store on Chromebook”.

It is only available for a very few Chromebooks, so that limits the market a lot, but we hope that with time it will expand to more users. This is only the beginning.

If you have a Chromebook from the list above, you can enjoy Play Store apps and games right now. Do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions about selecting this option from Chrome. Make sure you check your device and the installed versions.

How do Google Play apps and games work on Chromebooks?

One of the options we have for using Google Play Store on a Chromebook is the ability to use apps or watch movies offline, like the hit game Galaxy on Fire 2, or watching Kung Fu Panda 3 from Google Play Movies.

Although for the moment everything looks great, we will just have to wait to see if this is really a new feature that motivates enough people to revive Chrome OS around the world. For the moment, we only have one important restriction: the touch screen which is able to use it. To be able to install Android apps on your Chromebook, the first thing you should do is update your device, as this function is available starting with the version for Chrome OS Dev 53.

After the update, it should show up with the app from Google Play already installed, where you have to enter and start searching for your favorite applications, just as if you were using your Android smartphone. You already know that you can find whatever you want or browse through the categories to discover new applications.

How to uninstall apps and games on Chromebooks using Google Play Store?

While the procedure to install them is almost exactly the same as what we find in Android devices, the process for uninstalling apps and games on Chromebook is different. You will find two options:

On the one hand, the longer (even tedious if you have many applications) way is to go to Google Play and search for the apps you want to uninstall one by one.

On the other hand, Chrome OS, like Android, has a place where all the applications you have installed are displayed. To get access to them, simply press on the “Applications” icon that you will find in the taskbar.

Now you can see how easy it is using Google Play Store in your Chromebook, as long as you have the minimum requirements. Enjoy and discover new things there!