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Google Play Store 7.3.25


It is well known that Google Play Store has wonderful applications ‒according to statistics, over 2.5 million apps‒ books, movies and loads of other options to entertain everybody and it is compatible with Android devices.

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Why is Google Play Store so alluring

Are you a music lover? This is an example: you have an unlimited variety of music and you can also share your experience by giving a subscription as a gift, with a full access to Google Play Music.   


What about books? This store offers you an infinite amount of novels, textbooks, comics and so on.



Not only will you find Android Market applications, but you can also get apps from other developers, since this platform is more flexible than others.


And this is just a glance at this market. Did you have something in mind? You have to look for it in this Android platform.


What is it new about Google Play Store?

Now it is available the newest version, Google Play Store 7.3.25, which was updated to eliminate several failures according to compatibility with Android Nougat OS and to repair older flaws from previous presentations.


Google Play Store 7.3.25 is almost neat, friendlier and will improve your device’s functionality. Not only will your applications run faster since they are lighter ‒which avoids the phone hanging problems‒, but the system is designed in order not to affect your phone memory.


Once you try it out, you will notice that the apps can be founded more easily too. Key words can guide you to the proper app if you do not know its name. A list of the highest rated apps will appear so you can choose the most likeable. If you are interested in a specific topic, you may find what you are looking for in groups of apps ‒created by googlers‒ that are related to the same topic. could help you if you wanted to delve into this virtual world. In this page, there are rankings of the most downloaded apps and you can make the search narrower by selecting the country of your preference.


About downloading

There are also more options about certifications, which come from previous versions, that allow you to know whether your phone is suitable for this app or not.


You can get this new version by downloading Google Play Store 7.3.25 APK to update your phone’s terminal or install the app if you did not have it. Get the latest APK version compatible with your mobile in and download it.


Go to the folder where this file is and transfer it to your terminal in case it hasn’t been updated by itself. Wait for the installation to start and answer the following requirements.


If the installation goes wrong, it is probably because your phone’s operative system is outdated or you did not agree the specified terms and conditions.


Regarding security, there have been several problems with malware before, but this platform is safer. Remember Android market checks every app before launching it.


How to buy an app

You will find a lot of games or apps free of charge. However, not all the apps in Google Play Store are free, but you have different ways to buy them.


The first option is to give your credit or debit card information to buy any app. Remember checking your bank’s conditions and the card used in your country for this purpose. If you are not able to buy an app, you should check if the form of payment matches with your country account. For other payments issues, you will find the answers in the ‘Google Play help’ section.


There are also prepaid cards which you can get on line or some stores, so you can pay through a code system. Gifts cards allow you to buy without a credit card too ‒and it is a great idea for a present.


If you have a Paypal account, it is even better, because all you have to do is give your user information. The store will ask for your password and you will have to accept the transaction to finish the purchase.


Without any doubt, you should download Google Play Store 7.3.25 and enjoy the best apps you can imagine.

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