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We have good news for you today: we’ve just gotten the latest version of Google Play Store for you to update to. Google Play Store 7.4.02 comes with some very interesting new features, in addition to the settings to improve performance and eliminate errors that Google already has trained us to expect every time we see a new update.

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Play Store 7.4.02 APK comes with the signature of the company, straight from Google. Therefore, you can use it to upgrade your old version or install the application on a device that does not have it in its set of system apps, like some Chinese phone models.

The Google signature is a guarantee that the code has not been altered and the download is completely safe. You are not going to install malware or malicious codes of any kind from the download link – this just gives you priority access to the latest version before your device is up for an automatic update.

What’s new on Google Play Store 7.4.02?

The latest update of the official Android app store comes full of new features. One of them is a new visual appearance, with a slight change in the colors of the menu and the way in which you view certain elements on the screen. However, it is worth noting that not all devices will see these improvements automatically, because Google is doing tests at the moment, and it only activates in certain models and systems. There’s no surefire way to know whether you’ll be one of the test devices until you install the update.

Although for those who already have this application updated, they will have the chance to see that Google Play Store 7.4.02 facilitates access to app installation, with a bigger size button that occupies almost all the total width of the screen. This design change is controversial from an aesthetic standpoint, but apparently many Android users had trouble finding the normal-sized “Install” button in the Play Store.

We can also add a list of recommended applications according to your preferences and the type of programs that you have installed in the past. The score of the applications have greater importance in this new version. The image size has increased, and you can better appreciate some details of the program appearance once they are installed.

Take advantage of the new Google Play Store 7.4.02

Google Play Store 7.4.02 is not just an update to the app store. It is a way to optimize the performance of your phone or tablet, to reduce the weight of some applications, and enhance the security of your data. Some gaps and backdoors will be closed, which could otherwise be exploited by third parties, in addition to better control of access to certain functions of your device.

This is the reason why you should upgrade to the latest version of Google Play Store instead of waiting for your app to do it on its own. Depending on your Android operating system version, or the device model that you have, it may take weeks to have it updated automatically, with all the risk that this entails.

With Google Play Store 7.4.02 APK file, you’ll have all the same accessibility to the catalog of digital publications, movies, and music. Just like with previous versions, you can buy and download content from any device connected to your Google account, and re-use it on the rest of your devices in case you have more than one.

How to update your Google Play Store to version 7.4.02

To update to Google Play Store 7.4.02, your device must be running at least Android version 4.0, which is most devices these days. To make sure it works perfectly, it is recommended to have Android 7.0, if you’re one of the lucky few to have a brand new device like Google’s Pixel phones.

Make sure that you have activated permission for third party software installation, which is essential in order to install it the .apk file, so you don’t get any system errors. This is done in your device’s security settings; the option to look for is “unknown sources”.

When you install the new version, you must make sure that your device is compatible with it. In some devices, you might find that the store does not open. In the unlikely case that this happens to you, within a few days they will probably have a new update compatible with other devices.

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and update now to Google Play Store 7.4.02 using our APK download link on this page. It guarantees that you will eliminate performance problems, as well as security gaps that may put your Android device at risk. Simply open the store and sign into this new version and you’ll be ready to go.

Take advantage of all the power of Google Play Store, and take advantage of the best from your Android device.

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