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Play Store 6.7.13.E-all [0] 2920566 APK Download

All Android users know that the Google Play Store is the first place you go when you want to download an app or game, and millions of people also use its other entertainment content, like Play Music, Play Movies & TV and Play Newsstand.

It’s definitely one of the most important apps on any Android device, if not the most important, since virtually any other app you could want is accessed through it, with safe downloads that won’t fill your tablet or smartphone up with malware and other junk. It’s also a great tool for automatically managing updates of all the other apps you’ve got on your device.

Just like those other apps, Google Play Store gets its fair share of updates, and it’s highly recommended that you keep your version as up to date as possible to take advantages of bug fixes and have the best app performance possible.

The newest version of Play Store to roll out is Play Store 6.7.13.E-all [0] 2920566, but if your device isn’t brand spanking new, it might be a while before you see this update as being available if you go through the normal channels.

A lot of Android users will go into their app manager and see that they’re running an older version of Play Store, but when they try to update it there it says that the app is fully updated.

Fortunately, there is a way to skip the wait and get the latest version of Google Play Store right now by downloading the Play Store 6.7.13.E-all [0] 2920566 APK file (you can find a free, secure download link below in this post) and installing it over whatever version you have currently on your Android device. The update takes up 16.09 MB and is compatible with Android OS 4.0 and later.


    What’s new in Play Store 6.7.13.E-all [0] 2920566

    At first glance, this Google Play Store update seems to be one of those “invisible” ones that has some important bug fixes and makes things run faster and more smoothly, but doesn’t really have anything new to talk about. However, any Android users who are running low on disk space because of too many apps (which is like 98% of us, right?) will eventually notice a subtle and very helpful new feature in this new version.

    Play Store 6.7.13 comes with an “intelligent uninstall manager” to help you free up space on your device by suggesting apps that you don’t use often or haven’t opened in a long time. It’s like having an organizational specialist come into your bedroom and point out all the things in your closet that you haven’t worn in over a year.

    I think a lot of us probably don’t even realize how long it’s been since we’ve used some apps, and they could be hogging a whole lot of disk space for basically no reason.

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    Other than this small feature, which will only appear when you’re running low on disk space, the Play Store 6.7.13 APK has the standard performance improvements and bug fixes that will give you a better experience, which is reason enough to install the update right now.

    However, there’s another reason that’s pretty exciting – Google has announced that in less than a month we’ll finally have access to the shared Family Library that we’ve been pressuring them to develop for years. Okay, a month… but what does that have to do with this particular update?

    Maybe nothing, but sometimes future updates are built on scaffolding that was laid down in previous versions, so it’s possible that you’ll have to download this Play Store 6.7.13 update before you’re able to install the future version that contains the Family Library. No one knows, but it’s a possibility.

    How to install Play Store 6.7.13 APK

    Here comes the fun part (don’t worry if you’ve never installed an APK file before – it’s easy). First, make sure you’re reading this post on the device you want to update so that you can just tap the Play Store 6.7.13 APK download link and have the file start downloading directly to your Android device (if you get a popup asking what you want to do with the file, choose “Save”).

    While you’re waiting for the download to finish, there is a very important step to make sure your device will let you install the file. Go to your phone or tablet’s general settings, go to the security section and make sure the box next to “Unknown sources” is checked.

    This tells your device that it’s okay to install apps that didn’t come from the Play Store (even though it’s the official app from Google, you’re getting it from us, a third-party site). You can turn this off again once the Play Store update is fully installed.

    Then, just open the downloaded file (you can tap on the notification you get when the download finishes), tap “Install”, and accept any permissions if necessary. And that’s all there is to it!