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Play Store 6.8.22 Latest Version with Family Library

We’ve got a new stable release of Google Play Store for you today, and if you missed the previous version (6.8.21) or just didn’t bother installing it, you’re definitely going to want to take advantage of the new Play Store 6.8.22 APK update.

First, we’ll talk about what changes you can expect with this update, how it works with Google Play’s new shared library feature, and instructions for how to do a manual Play Store update. If you’re just here for the APK, by all means, skip to the download link – you already know the drill.


    Changes in Play Store 6.8.22

    As you might expect by simply looking at the version numbers, version 6.8.22 isn’t that much different from 6.8.21. Of course, we highly recommend downloading this new version if you missed the previous update so you can take advantage of the full suite of family library features (more info below); however, even if you did do the last update, it’s still a good idea to download Play Store 6.8.22 right now.

    That’s because every time new features get rolled out, bugs and other issues invariably surface, and given that the new Family Library is a HUGE feature, you can bet that any changes made between versions at this early stage are going to be pretty important.

    If you’re wondering why you need to download Play Store 6.8.22 instead of just letting your Android do its normal automatic updates, it all comes down to waiting time. Even though this official, stable release is available, it might not have been sent to your specific device because of where you live, your OS version, type of device, carrier, or any number of reasons.

    So if you want the latest and greatest version of Google Play Store without the wait, downloading the APK manually is the way to go.

    Play Store 6.8.22 with shared Family Library

    The new, long-awaited Family Library from Google officially went live on July 2 in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, France, Germany and Japan. But we soon learned that it was a batch roll out, meaning not everyone gained access all at once, and more and more people have been seeing the new feature appear in their Play Store settings as the days go by.

    google play

    By this point, most people in these countries with the correct technical requirements should be able to find the option to create a family account in their settings. If you don’t, it could be because you are missing a critical update that is needed for the Family Library feature to work.

    Try downloading the Play Store 6.8.22 APK file using the link in this post and install it over the version you’re currently running on your Android. If you still don’t see the family sharing option, then you might just need to be patient for a few more days until Google releases it to you. At least you’ll have the framework in place when your turn comes.

    How to download Play Store 6.8.22

    First, if this is your first manual APK download, there is one small adjustment you’re going to have to make on your Android device. Under security settings, you should see an option called “Installation from Unknown Sources” – make sure that this is turned on.

    What this does is allow you to install an application that you downloaded from outside the Play Store (obviously, you’re not going to be downloading Play Store from the Play Store), like on our site for example. After you’ve installed the update, you can turn this option off again, which is the default setting to prevent accidental installation from sites that are trying to infect you with malware and viruses.

    Once you’ve made the necessary change, you can tap the Play Store APK download link in this post directly from your Android device. If prompted, choose to “Save” the file, and wait for the download to finish. You will probably get a notification when it’s all finished; tap the notification to open the file in Android Package Installer (if you didn’t get the notification or if you dismissed it by accident, you can use a file explorer to find it – it’s usually in the “Downloads” folder of your device).

    Now, all you have to do is tap the “Install” button, confirm that you want to install the file and accept any permissions that are required by Google Play Store. The new version will be installed over the existing version, but everything else will be exactly the same. You’ll still be able to access the app using the same Play Store icon on your home screen, etc. It’s possible that you’ll need to log in with your Google account again, but this will probably sync up automatically.

    Installing Play Store updates by yourself isn’t nearly as complicated as it sounds. You just did it, and I’ll bet it didn’t even take 5 whole minutes!