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Play Store 7.5.08 Download

Although we took some time to enjoy version 7.5.08 of Google Play Store. The truth is that we did not know for sure what it was that it brought with it. Neither what possibilities were opened to the developers. These questions end today, with a review of what’s new in Google Play Store 7.5.08

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    Smart Login with Google Play Store 7.5

    How many times has it happened that you had to enter the password of a web or app several times in a row? With a mobile device, this task is very annoying. It does not make sense that we have to retype the password if we already did it.

    Now Google Play Services allows developers to use a new credential API. That allows them to use recent logins as well as save them for future use.

    This is something similar to what Chrome already has. When you find a login page or login. It suggests us autocomplete if we have visited before. This way, if we save our Android start data, will notify us that we can start our session without having to re-enter the password. This works through different devices. Both with password-based accounts and identifiers like Google Sign-In.

    Unregistered apps identification

    Thanks to a new identifier, Instance ID (IID). Developers can now define a method for authenticating each instance of an application. They can do it without requiring users to register or create an account. This way it will be possible to have apps that allow us to access advanced functions only using this identifier.

    Also, Google Cloud Messaging now supports Instance ID to identify the app in question that has to receive the message.

    Google Cloud Messaging for Everyone

    The service for sending messages and notifications between apps has been updated with several new features. Although the main one has nothing to do with Android: now Google Cloud Messaging is also compatible with iOS. This will allow developers to use the same architecture for their app’s communications regardless of the OS.

    Another of the novelties of GCM are subscriptions by topics. If you want that users who are interested in a particular content type to receive a notification. It is now possible to let GCM do the dirty work. It can submit it depending on the different topics of apps and user preferences.

    Apps Invitations


    This new functionality is available in beta. This allows you to implement a method with which users can invite their contacts to use the app. In this way, it is facilitated that the users themselves are those that expand the use of the app.

    This means that we will find apps that we can share with other users. It can be done through SMS or email.

    Google Cast

    People have already talked a lot about Cast’s new features. But they remain interesting: a new remote screen API allows us to use two screens at the same time. Automatic rendering and autoplay are finally available. Also video games now have more possibilities in multiplayer mode.

    Using maps on Android Wear is now possible

    A novelty that affects Google Play Services is Maps API. Now developers will be able to use it to display maps to users on the small screens of their smartwatch.

    Google Fit

    Google’s fitness platform also gets new features. A new API allows developers to estimate distance traveled and calories burned in their own app. It also allows access to the history through another API. Google Play Services 7.5 is now available, both in APK form and for developers in SDK form.

    In conclusion, Google Play 7.5 brings many new features. It is an update that brings with it very interesting things.

    From saving passwords for an automatic identification, to improvements in Cast. We have not been able to prove them further. However, we will continue to test this update and give our opinions.

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